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Raid Math is Bad? Overview.

PostPosted: 24 Feb 2016, 15:44
by 5Cats
I posted this in another thread, but it bears repeating (and it was a lot of typing!)

The damage calculations in Raids is broken. Almost half of them get the wrong ending life. Mostly not during the Raid, but on the Raid Page after it is over? Higher life than the final day's score, or the End Page said!

This happens to me A LOT! In both Solo and Team.

Ever since I spotted it, I've been keeping notes on damage dome & how it gets recorded. It's easy, just write down damage numbers and if weird things happen I can check the maths.

It happens almost HALF the time! Sometimes only 2-5 life is added, sometimes over 70! On one raid!

The things that happen are seemingly random, and since I play almost the same deck every time? It's hard to say if 1 card or another is affected. It seems to hit them all.

Fails to record damage: It does so during the raid? But afterwards it's gone & life is increased. This seems to happen most often with the -2 from 109th and -3 from Afrika on turn #1. The rest of the turns it seems to work properly.
Thus on the End Page it says Damage Done = 135 but you did 137, or even more!

Lost Damage in-game: Often from mixing Brutality and straight damage. The Purple Brutality & Red damage numbers pop-up, damage is recorded, then erased! The life goes down, then back up! After that there are Red numbers popping up UNDER the life (not to it's right) and lowering it.
Sometimes this is the separate numbers? Sometimes it's all of them combined. Usually it is corrected in-game, but sometimes one of the attacks is just left out! No damage recorded for it.
This happens mostly on Turn #4 it seems...

The Purple & Red (And Grey?) numbers always pop-up to the right of the AI Life, but sometimes also appear underneath it, always Red. It's very strange.

Final Turn Damage Lost: Sometimes one of the attacks on the final turn is counted in-game properly, but vanishes in the Raid Screen after the Raid. Like the next common error:

Different Life Totals from Last Turn, End Page and Raid Screen: Sometimes it will end with (lets say) 500 after the final turn... the End Screen (Defeat!) will say either 500 (or some other number) and when you check the Raid Screen after that? A new, much higher number is there! Often a random number that none of your units did during the match, but sometimes one of the attacks on the final turn matches this 'added' life...

And Just Bad Maths: Very often the End Page says 500 life, 135 Damage done (for example). But it started with 640 life! So 640 -135 = 500? Weird... it often gets the final Damage Done number wrong, but only by 2-7 (like the -2 or -3 from the first turn I mentioned above). It is always corrected in the Raid screen, but looks like the life went up.
More common: 640 - 135 = 520 and that score is often repeated (wrongly) on the Raid screen.

Again: none of these things are consistent! They're very random, and sometimes 2 will happen in the same Raid!

But HALF! of the time there's bugged damage by the end...

Re: Raid Math is Bad? Overview.

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2016, 12:55
by nAFAI
As mentioned on the other thread :p,

We are on this at the moment, so we are reviewing how the damage is being calculated as there seem there is indeed something going on. It will probably take us a while but just so you know we are on it at the moment.


Re: Raid Math is Bad? Overview.

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2016, 16:40
by 5Cats
Cool, I'll stop recording/reporting it then, it is basically the same bugs over and over.

Some are more common, some quite rare, but all are bad since they always raise the AI life.

Re: Raid Math is Bad? Overview.

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2016, 15:09
by Juice
It just happened to me, too. I did damage normally through the turns, but at the end the page showed zero damage done. When I closed it, the raid showed the health remaining that it had at the start of that ticket's raid (402).

Re: Raid Math is Bad? Overview.

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2016, 21:08
by 5Cats
Yeah, yesterday they spend hours on that bug Juicey! Then threw a patch up. If you played a Raid after the patch, without refreshing to GET the patch? I think it ate your damage done (didn't count it at all). That happened to me too...

But since that patch? Working fine now! Checked many raids & am keeping an eye on all the damage done, working great! :D

Re: Raid Math is Bad? Overview.

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2016, 13:09
by nAFAI
Good to know!

Please tell us again if there's still something going on with the damage, we made several fixes but you can't never be 100% sure.