Glitch / Error In Level Reply (Fixed)

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Glitch / Error In Level Reply (Fixed)

Postby 5Cats » 27 Oct 2015, 04:37

A fellow in Kong chat reported a glitch in the replay rewards: It's true!

If you replay Campaign Level 26? you get 100 gold AND a free card! It's a Rare too.

IDK if it's every time, or only if you get 3 stars, or only if you get a high score... but it's probably not only that one level, eh?

Bug hunting time!! ;) Lolz!

I got the same card in 3 tries: M3 Satan, but 100 gold every time. I do have ALL the rare cards, lolz! Except one of the Gazala rewards (Desert Gear)...

I tried 25... no gold or card for winning, I did exceed my previous high score too. But already had 3 stars...

27 gave 2 gold for exceeding my high score a little...

Fixed!! Why does the Campaign screen scroll so slowly now?? It takes forever to move...
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