Platoon score when a members leaves

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Platoon score when a members leaves

Postby Toyyon » 18 Aug 2015, 13:36

Hi guys ,

atm The Expendables are at #3 in platoon ranking with a score above 25k.
But their members score just adds up to ~12k.

I know that Skuzi scored like a maniac for that platoon and left them bc of crazy Skuziness.

Is it the points Skuzi scored or is it a bug ?
Afaik the points were gone when a member left.
If this has changed this leads me to a 2nd question : When I rename does this still reset my total score or has this changed too ?(When I renamed to Kitla and back to Toyyon this has reset my weekly and total points back in the days as far as I remember)

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