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Frozen PvP -23 points?

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2015, 05:54
by 5Cats
At about 11:40 PM (23:40) Central time? The game froze up. Another player said his Mission froze too at the same time.

I was playing PvP with someone who had no name (or it was a glitch)... with my bored5cats account. 2nd match this season! And it froze in the middle of his turn, a card was hovering on the screen.

So when I refreshed? I'd lost. AND lost 23 Rate points!

Even if it's in the first 20 matches? I only had 1016 so this guy (with a better deck!) can't have been too far away from my Rate. Why'd I lose so much? How did it get over -20? Now I have 993... not that it really matters :roll: But still!

How did he have no name or platoon showing? All underscores? ____ ? Or just left blank?

Re: Frozen PvP -23 points?

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2015, 10:02
by nAFAI
Hey 5Cats,

It's unfortunate that you had a freeze issue, it could have been server side, will have to check, as for the losing points 23 is not that high considering its your first matches and rating win or loss gets multiplied, his rating was 728, and its special characters are chinese characters that untill the next update you won't be able to see them ingame, so everything seems ok! (except the freeze :( )


Re: Frozen PvP -23 points?

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2015, 12:42
by 5Cats
Oh! Ok then.

I'd just not run across the blank name before, lolz! Special characters will be... interesting!

His Rate was that low? huh! His deck wasn't too bad (mine was much lower: the "junior" account) but IDK if he knew how to play or not. Perhaps he's one of the newbies "some players" are padding their scores with :| (Not that it can be helped, eh?)