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Not Seeing Friends In High Scores (Fixed!)

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2015, 18:36
by 5Cats
A new player brought a bunch of friends to play, but they cannot see each other in the "High Scores" list to send lives.

His Kong name is bluemagik420, I added him to my friends list & refreshed. I can see him on the map but not in the "high scores" scroll at the bottom. I can see oddkid, who I also added today... he's on line & everything.

They've all tried refreshing, and all use Personal Computers, through Kong. They even tried the "Go to PvP to get the friends list to work" trick... they all use "groupme" chat, is that an issue?

Hopefully it's easy to fix? Contact him in Kong for more info I guess. He doesn't want to sign up to "yet another forum" lolz!

EDIT: Well, now I can see him in the High Score line, a couple of hours later :) So, panic averted? Life sent.

Re: Not Seeing Friends In High Scores (Fixed!)

PostPosted: 10 Aug 2015, 10:22
by nAFAI
Thanks for letting us know,

If it happens again please update this thread and we will jump into it to see what could be happening.