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Progress Bug Getting Worse! (Fixed!)

PostPosted: 26 May 2015, 01:44
by 5Cats
Hi! I still cannot click my Progress box, it just vanishes...

This goes for both my accounts (5Cats and Bored5Cats) in IE or Chrome.

I tried turning off things in IE: Pop-up Blocker and Add-ons, but that didn't help. I have no clue how Chrome operates...

It did work once a while back? I have no idea why...

BUT NOW the Reward Box and the Mission Box are also acting badly! Oh no!

It takes several clicks for them to function. Since that Menu stays open it works eventually, unlike Progress which closes instantly...


EDIT: Also the Platoon button (the blue one, lower right) sometimes does this? Other times works first try... usually it's 2 clicks but lately it's sometimes many more...

The Mailbox? The spinning world? Since the very start this has usually taken 2 clicks to work. The first click usually does nothing: but makes it look faded. The second click always opens it successfully.

Is it just me? I don't know how it could get worse over time or work sporadically like that... but I know little about these things. Just put my Bored5Cats Progress prizes in loot bags in the shop... :roll: Thanks! (Don't worry about that, it's just for fun, that account. To remember how the beginning works.)

Re: Progress Bug Getting Worse!

PostPosted: 26 May 2015, 09:02
by nAFAI
Hey 5Cats,

This is really really weird, I have tried here in different browsers and setups and everything is working smoothly on the first click, does anyone else experience this? To shoot in the dark let me ask you some questions and see if I can guess what could be happening...

- Have you tried to clean your browser cache just in case?
- Can you tell me which Adobe Flash version are you using?
- Which Screen Resolution are you using?

I will try to investigate it a bit more but it's really really strange.


Re: Progress Bug Getting Worse!

PostPosted: 26 May 2015, 15:03
by 5Cats
I auto-clear my cache every sign-off... I'll go do it manually now too... that gets some other stuff.

The very latest Flash, it gets updated every week or 2... this has been going on for months.

It's at 150% 'zoom'... idk resolution...

I logged in as "Administrator" and tried it on Chrome, it worked! Sort of!

The "Progress" Button did not collapse the Menu this time, so with 20 clicks or so, it opened! The other buttons functioned smoothly (mostly) in that setting. I haven't tried it again in IE yet, I will soon. I'm back to myself, lolz!

Just keeping the Menu open works, eventually, it seems. I got my prize anyhow! Lolz! And I need 8 Legends, 6 Epics and 2 Rare...

ActiveX filtering? SmartScreen filter? Tracking Protection? Just looking at the IE tools...

EDIT: Nope, in the regular IE when I click the Progress button it still closes the Menu... But the other buttons are mostly working better, not taking 5-10 clicks like earlier.

Re: Progress Bug Getting Worse!

PostPosted: 25 Jun 2015, 03:34
by 5Cats
Now when I click "Progress"? It "locks" and doesn't collapse the menu! A little lock appears, lolz!
I can check it easily, or claim rewards. :P Thanks guys!

Re: Progress Bug Getting Worse!

PostPosted: 25 Jun 2015, 10:19
by nAFAI

Let us know if that gives more problems! Hopefully not!