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Account lose

Postby ubik1983 » 23 May 2015, 15:52


I had rollback again. (I lost all cards and gold bars)

How did it happen:
after repairing my old account from rollback I had "2 accounts"
One account online, where they were wos recorded progress.
Second account wos offline account where I had few cards and 4000 gold bars.

But I only played at online account, and this offline account stay without going progress.

But today I joined to game without internet connection, and I make some action.
After this my internet was reconnect and my online account with gold bars and card was overwritten by my offline account.

So again I lose all cards and gold bars.

I start thinking about it hard.
I said that once I finished high IT school.
I am not surprised by what happened - the program does what is written in the code.
I wondered a little over solution.

Pacts and game rules in offline mode:

player can only play single player maps,
can't sell or buy any cards,
can't play mission,
so almost can't earn cards and gold bars.

but player still can earn gold and cards by completing maps in offline mode.

So it is the source of the problem ( cards and gold bars )
And what if we don't want to do only online game?
What is the solution?
When the game sometimes needs to first download the data from the server, and sometimes first save. It can not be unambiguously resolved, but only at first glance.

If you don't want to block the possibility of playing offline and acquiring the cards and gold bars and prevent data overwriting.
The problem is how the game has to know what to do - overvrite offline profile by online profile or vice versa.

Since the player could go several maps offline, or log into the game with a new device. Or had some other problem. (For instance like me)

So us introduce the principle that the client never sends data to the server of hole cards and gold bars.
Because the fact that such a solution is safer, because the customer is not able to deceive server crafted data.

So as to enable the client offline game:

Player can get reward by finishing maps. All maps have reward after pass.
So lets make variable OfflineGameProgressCounter.

And if we play offline and pass map for example 40 to 50 and gets reward for this 10 maps.
Now after connect to server we send data of having cards and gold bars and system overvite it all.
So let's send only information about passing this maps.
And let system to give us the same reward in online account

the simplification should look like this:

client connect to server
client load cards from server
client load gold bars from server
(check offline game progres status)
if OfflineGameProgressCounter > OnlineGameProgressCounter
Add reward from last passed maps and save it;
OnlineGameProgressCounter = OfflineGameProgressCounter;
load Online Game Progress

And only!!! after successful load can save!!!

This is all.

I'm not sure if you really how it works.
But if there is a possibility of overwriting profile - you should prevent this.

So as not to prolong - the same procedure as last time?

MY facebook profile:
my old nick name wos: Ubik1983 now is fs_ks3a4hr35

I had almost all common, uncomon an rare cards ... both double - half epic some double and half legendary and 30k gold bars :)

And one small problem:
lives are saved in oflline mode.
I think you know what causes...

I send this by e-mail - but you did not answer.
To hear, greet.
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Re: Account lose

Postby nAFAI » 25 May 2015, 08:51

Hey Ubik1983,

We got thit, coudln't jump on this untill late friday but were unable to get the fix, I will deal with the restoration during the day and reply your email.

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