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Two Strange Things:

PostPosted: 08 May 2015, 18:14
by 5Cats
VERY MINOR! Nothing to worry about, but I thought I'd share them. They happened minutes apart...

In Stalingrad Med, Day-4? (Idk what turn) the AI left 2 AP unused! Here's a screenshot:

Not that I want this to be fixed, heavens no! I encourage the AI to do this every turn!! It was just so odd, I grabbed a screenie...

The moments later? I saw this which caught my attention:


It's in the Platoon area, which has been so buggy, I hope it's entirely unrelated. Happily my 2800 points are still there!! I was worried when I saw it...

Anyhow! That's enough weird stuff for me today! Carry on soldiers!
(Sorry it looks like crap! My photo editing 'skills' are limited :? )

Re: Two Strange Things:

PostPosted: 08 May 2015, 18:55
by 5Cats
After I refreshed? The second one looked normal. It wasn't 'grey' any longer.

Re: Two Strange Things:

PostPosted: 09 May 2015, 09:33
by Assassin
AI sometimes wont use all is rare, but happens...

I had it use zero...skip the entire turn...a couple times...

Not really important ;) to fix this...we can use the breaks...

Re: Two Strange Things:

PostPosted: 10 May 2015, 04:43
by 5Cats
Oh I see the AI not use 1 AP all the time! That's perfectly normal. But I suspect it's because there's nothing left for it to do.

Here there's clearly a use for 1 or 2 AP...

Skipping a turn in Missions is extremely rare, but welcome! Lolz! The AI deserves to get as many "Dead Draws" as we players do! :grrr:

And the "grey thing" happened moments later... freaked me out! I had the first screen shot already, so I had to process and post it before taking another! Lolz!

As for "unused" AP? I think we humans (not the AI!) should have a chance that an unused AP gets added to next turn! (In missions or Campaign, not PvP obviously!)
I like a 50% chance, but even 25% would be a blessing! It just might make up for those horrific "dead draws" we all hate so much!

Re: Two Strange Things:

PostPosted: 11 May 2015, 10:42
by nAFAI
Thanks 5Cats!

As Assassin mentioned the AI in some rare occassions can skip ussing its Action Points, it should be very rare though more over seeing how it had plenty of options but definetly possible.

I will have a look at the greyed area in the platoon as I havent seen that before.


Re: Two Strange Things:

PostPosted: 11 May 2015, 16:24
by 5Cats
I mentioned the second one because of all the Platoon troubles we've had! The first one because it's just so funny! :lol:

And someone (Assassin I think!) said the points seem to vanish after a Mission is scored, although I've heard they've gone after a PvP as well.
The 'grey out' usually indicates something is unavailable, which would be strange in this case. Of course it "fixed itself" when I refreshed the page (after adding a new friend) and looked normal then. But it was still grey after entering and re-entering the Platoon Report before that, so it was "persistent" eh?