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An Issue was detected???

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2014, 20:08
by Assassin
I just got blocked out...completly!!!

Every time i try to login via facebook i get a new and strange message, something like
"An issue was detected, sometimes add blockers can cause this"
And cant login...tried several times.

This happened when i was selling the "wins" of my first historical mission win on hard mode...i clicked the "sell" can...and the message it happens when i try to login...

I am using facebook on firefox
I dont have add blockers that i know about...i didnt install anything since yesterday...

Cant check if all is ok with the android version...i am far from the tablet...will check tomorrow.

Re: An Issue was detected???

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2014, 20:18
by Assassin
Ok...login worked now...
And all seems ok...

Anyhow...i leave the comment for you to check if you think it worthwhile... :D

Got the issue on and off...IT MAY BE due to the network i am using right now...the signal strengh and access is different than usual...i will try later from my usual location...

Re: An Issue was detected???

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2014, 10:21
by nAFAI
Hey Assassin,

As I mentioned on the other post, yesterday we experienced heavy loading traffics on our server and the web platforms were hit by huge amounts of lag, this was probably the cause of your issues during those historical missions.

We hope to fix this server problems during the day. Will let you know once they are fixed.