Faster game, more bugs?

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Faster game, more bugs?

Postby DaemonSultan » 17 Dec 2014, 18:43

Hello, I've experienced two bugs while playing the faster version.
One is that my units ignored any other units and attacked me.
and the other is my turn was skipped automatically, without giving any popups(That I haven't used all of my AP).
all these occured in Historical Missions.
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Re: Faster game, more bugs?

Postby nAFAI » 18 Dec 2014, 11:48

Hey DaemonSultan,

Those issues sound nasty and a bit weird tbh, we have been doing test for a couple of days and haven't spotted anything like that. Could you please let us know if it happens again and if so, try to recall as many info as possible? we would our tests too from here to see if we can reprocuce it.

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Re: Faster game, more bugs?

Postby Assassin » 18 Dec 2014, 12:12

Perhaps it is the wrong place to answer...but didnt want to open a new thread...again. :D

I like the faster animations...and had no apparent bugs due to that...the bugs i had were different and i mentioned them elsewhere...
HOWEVER...animations this fast can be bad for new players...i remember that i was paying attention at the screen in the begining trying to understand what was going on...
Some cards disappear after play...and at this speed it may be difficult for a new player to understand what happened.

I had a couple players in PVP that left after a particullary nasty play from me (Some cards can kill multiple units) this speed they would not even understand it...the first time somebody used Noborito on me i had to go to the card list at the end of the game to see what it normal speed.
Perhaps speed should be selectable...and a pop up asks if the player wants to speed things up...with a warning.
(If not possible...i prefer faster anyway)

For me it is fine (and makes games more fluid)...i played so many games that i can usually know what happened just looking at the cards that are left after my opponent plays. In some PVP games i am not looking at the screen (doing something else in parallel)...just open the app to make my moves.
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