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PostPosted: 17 Dec 2014, 17:57
by Malmsteen
Hi. I can't connect my Facebook profile to the game...

Samsung SM-P901 tablet, android 4.4.2, Facebook app installed from Google play store. The game has the latest version.

I approve all requests from Facebook app but it doest not connect with game.

Please note that this problem is only here. All other my games are OK...

Please fix it on the next update...

Re: Facebook

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2014, 11:49
by nAFAI
Hey Malmsteen,

Welcome to the forums! If you would be kind enough to provide us your ingame username we will try to see from here what could be the issue. In order to check your username you can go to the PvP Screen and click on the customize character button.