Medic Ability

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Medic Ability

Postby Johan936 » 09 Nov 2014, 01:05

In the description it says, "At the beginning of the turn, heals 3/5/8 Defense from a friendly unit in the front." But my observations is that it will only heal the unit directly in front of itself. If it is already on the front line or If the unit in front of it isn't damaged it doesn't heal any unit at all.
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Re: Medic Ability

Postby DaemonSultan » 09 Nov 2014, 18:24

I think that's intentional but the script didn't deliver well.
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Re: Medic Ability

Postby nAFAI » 10 Nov 2014, 11:58

Hey guys,

The ability is working as intended but as you point out it could lead to confusion as it only heals the unit directly in front of the card, we have adjusted the texts so it's more clear now. It will be fixed on the next update.

Thanks for pointing that out Johan936!
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