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In App Purchase Failed

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2014, 18:51
by InstantKarma
Over the past few days (including twice about 30 minutes ago) i have purchased 3 x General Packs, and 1 x Marshall Pack, and after I enter my password and confirm my purchase the screen gets a few shades darker and the buttons become non-responsive. The app just hangs at that point and I do not have the 5 new cards presented on-screen as usual, and no new cards were added to my collection. I did attempt to restore purchases from the Shop screen, and it says it was successful, but still no new cards. Please help with this issue.


Re: In App Purchase Failed

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2014, 22:26
by nAFAI
Hello InstantKarma,

First of all welcome to the forums! there is an currently an issue with some transactions that recieve the notification from the store a bit longer than expected creating the issue that you mention, this issue will be fixed with our next update, in the meantime, could you please forward us the receipts of those transactions to so we can procede with the reimbursement of those Packs.

Thanks in advance! and apologies for the inconveniences!