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Re: Protector

Postby Aine » 02 Jan 2020, 06:53

Super! wrote:I know what you mean, i played MtG at a pro level 10 years ago but this just isnt the same game ;)
By the way, since the addition of the protector ability i have been winning a lot more games so i dont understand why you complain so much :D

Have a great day!

It may be a different game but the frustration is strong with this one.

Problem with Opel Blitz having Protecor ability is that it's much harder to get any life with it, it dies like a fly. You can't put it behind powerful units so that they soak the damage. Defend it by Panther with Iron Cross, Opel Blitz will block and die. Play it behind fully upgraded Rommel, it will block and die. Opel Blitz cannot even be protected (pun not intended) from planes by Flakpanzer anymore, it will.. you guess it... block and die. It chumps like crazy, and it's absolutely no fun and it makes no sense.

But whatever, Hard missions and PvP are so 2019.
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Re: Protector

Postby mtormo » 02 Jan 2020, 09:02


While we're really happy with the Protector ability, some units were affected due to the change of giving "non-attacking" units the "protector" ability. It make sense that we improve/change the Opel Blitz card, currently it doesn't fit.

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