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Re: Historical Ranking...

Postby Dicksharpe » 12 Jan 2019, 21:06

That sucks mitch!!

Come on Frozen shard, this isn't on!

Player was totally open with you regarding an exploitable flaw in your game! Don't think this is fair treatment!

At the very least the money he spent for extra turns surely must returned!

Please reconsider....
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Re: Historical Ranking...

Postby mtormo » 14 Jan 2019, 08:51


We've answered by e-mail and explained everything there as we prefer not discuss account matters in the forums. We decided against removing your damage on the raids (making imposible to play raids these week for your platoon) and therefore affect your whole platoon and instead we took limited actions that we believed that was fair (removing the platoon "extra" points limiting the "normal" damage on raids).

Your platoons members (and you) did receive the loot from the completed raids (where you did spend your boosts).

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