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Raid damage not registering

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2018, 02:22
by Assassin
Did one raid on each of the Overlord raids...all went ok, damage registered and seemed ok. Spent 4 tickets as expected.

At end of all 4, I see raids as full if I never did any of them.
But I got the raid duty and units played counter.

Not sure if just me as I did them soon after midnight...

If it helps...I had 4 unused tickets at end of last week.

Re: Raid damage not registering

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2018, 03:08
by Assassin
Saw now in global chat several players complaining about same thing...

Re: Raid damage not registering

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2019, 18:32
by Stone
Hey guys,

We are very sorry about the issue we experienced on that date (December 31st) we were notified about it on that morning and spent quite a few hours trying to figure out what was causing it with our server guys. It took a while to realize the issue at those very difficult dates but finally we realized there's nothing we can do about the data loss during those 24h. We are very sorry that you had to end the year with an issue on our end and we hope you can understand our end as well. Please do let us know if you actually had purchased some boost in raids that obviously you were not able to make use of and we will compensate it. Thanks again for the comprehension.