5th Ranger behavior

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5th Ranger behavior

Postby jcwill23 » 14 Oct 2017, 23:21

I play with the 5th Ranger a lot.
I have never seen this behavior.
Perhaps I'm just unlucky?

Facing 5th Ranger R1 on the back rank. It has Mosin equipped.
I have a unit in front, that will be killed.
Behind my unit, I have Northumbrians R1 also with Mosin equipped. 8 damage from the Brit will kill the Ranger.


My front unit attacks and 5th Ranger PROMOTES, so the Northumbrians do not kill it when it attacks.

At least it did not promote again.

I have NEVER seen the 5th Ranger self-promote except after all combat is completed.
Have I just been unlucky?

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