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Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2016, 19:31
by 5Cats
More Free Kreds Information:

With Kong being crappy? I checked out some more "Free Kreds" offers:

Your Surveys: The very top one on my list. I tried this one before, but kicks you out of several surveys you "don't qualify" for...
This time? I managed to completed a survey. It said 6 minutes BUT there's also a pile of "demographics" questions too, so longer than that.

And when it finished? It said there was "no payment" for a "third party" survey? But it would "unlock" better surveys from themselves in the future.
So? Not sure if I'll get the promised 9 Kreds or not.

Armoured Warfare: It says there's a 20 Kred reward for 'new users' who complete 1 fight.
Sign-up with E-mail, confirmation, download client = 10 MB? ok...
Then it downloads the game: 4GB? Takes an hour? 80 minutes? Oy vey...
So... we shall have to wait and see.

Those other two games were fun, sort of, but so many pop-ups to get you to buy things or share with others, at least they delivered the Kreds! Armoured Warfare is (obviously) one of those World Of Tanks clones... I hope it works, doesn't take long to do the required mission, and is easy to delete! :lol: Will update...

Update: Ok! The requirements were easy, I got 20 Kreds! It did load a TON of stuff though, first 4, the another 12GB? Anyhow, it's kind of fun but laggy: hard to control. If I reduced the graphics and cut the music it might go faster? But meh! Don't need another addiction: just more Kreds!

Tap Research: Was on page 2. I successfully completed one (above) before, got the promised 7 Kreds.
Found a short survey, it said 7 minutes, was 7 minutes! Easy to do, will post if I get another 7 Kreds for that.

Update: Got the 7 kreds! Within 2 hours. Cool.

Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 24 Feb 2016, 15:54
by dyvim tvar
What's the raid plan this week? Hard first? Expert?

Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 24 Feb 2016, 16:03
by 5Cats
dyvim tvar wrote:What's the raid plan this week? Hard first? Expert?

Hard, then Medium.

A couple of guys are busy this week & will miss some days, and the Bugs added hundreds of life, which is a problem too.

It's safe to hit these two, we'll knock them down for sure!

Someday: Hard, Medium AND Easy! Then the Elites will flow. :lol:

Remember everyone: Get even a LITTLE BIT of damage in each Team Raid we complete! You get a LOT of Raid points and the Pack too. There's no '5%' requirement, at least I think there's not.

Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2016, 22:30
by 5Cats
I tried some more "Get Free Kreds" because Bombe! is in the shop for 140! I have 84 so far... (100 & counting!)

Those surveys are time consuming, and a lot of them ask several questions, then kick you (not qualified) which is annoying.

But they're the best so far for getting Kreds. The games are 1-time only, eh?

Washing Colours: One of those "impossible" games that just wants you to look at the ads. Pass!

Flash Quiz: Gives you 1 Kred for answering 4 questions, simple! But only 1x Ever! Just once it seems.

Heaven's Game: 20 Kreds when you get to Level-4. Time consuming, silly game. I have no idea what's going on, but it's easy. Just takes a lot of time & repetitions. Only at Level-2 after about a half-hour. Meh!
Update: You fight a few times, you build & upgrade stuff in your 'island' and when you get to Level-2? You get these 'Elixirs' called 'Agony' which basically wipes out any equal-level opponent in a few turns. You find & collect equipment and stuff to make battles faster & easier. With that? Level 4 shouldn't take long ;)
Tips: After you level-up? Go to Events (lower right, a Blue "!") & collect LOTS of goodies! I didn't notice until L-3, tons of free stuff there! Some are time-limited. All the potions are useful once you learn some more spells.

Global Test Market: 9 Kreds, sign up & take a survey... trying it out.
Tried to get into 4 surveys, got kicked or "Quota filled" every time. Meh!

Tic Tac Toe: play 10 minutes for 1 Kred... really? It's not AI, and after each match they show an ad (which you can skip after a few seconds) so... NO!

Bridge Hero Lite: Reach Level-7 for 30 Kreds. Probably impossible... yup! The slightest chance you can win it? But it goes to a long advert after you (inevitably) lose. Pass!

Crazy Rain: Play to 120 points (complete level-1) for 3 Kreds... looks like it's one of those impossible games. Yup! Solve math inside drops, but they move SO slowly it's impossible to even see enough to get that score. pass!

Gratis Points Surveys: 6 Kreds for a survey. Lets see...
Use an existing account like facebook to register? I think not...
Wants an E-mail address? I think not...
I might try using Facebook later, but not using a real e-mail account unless I really need 6 Kreds fast! Assuming it will work at all.

Apmario Survey: 7Kreds, several pages in! The opening page asks for Language, I accidentally clicked USA... now it wants a Zipcode...
No surveys at this time? Huh, how rude!

Space Pirates: 2 Kreds to get to Level-6. Quick, just click what the AI Advisor tells you for a while, tah-dah! I have no idea what's going on there, but I got 2 Kreds in about 10 minutes (or less).

Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2016, 18:44
by dyvim tvar
Lucky I already have Bombe!


BTW - I am going with Americans for crafting purposes. Everyone seems to think Germans are the best so I am trying to be different.

Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2016, 19:26
by Aleksandr
I don't care if Germans are the best. I like big cats. It's that simple... :D

Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2016, 16:09
by 5Cats
I'm going with Germans/Americans (mix?) And Russians. Just because that's the cards I'm accumulating! Getting 6 of them is tough when all the game gives you are crappy ones that don't craft! 8-10 of those, but only 3 of the ones I'm urgently seeking... typical!

Which Epics to Craft are the biggest question, eh? The one Legend's ability is pretty weak, unless you need that card! Like Bored needs a Tortoise...

Anyhow? They're all strong, with enough of them, Skuzi makes a good fight with his Japanese horde ;)

Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2016, 00:52
by 5Cats
One more Kred!

DIY Experts: Home Hardware Sign up & get 2 Kreds. Must be Canadian. Broken.

Samplicio: Fill out survey, 10 Kreds. I said I have a mid-sized car, it kicked me out.

Univox Surveys: Complete for 9 Kreds, new user only. Asks about size of company, am I an executive, do I live in Alberta? Kicks me out.
You know: CEOs and top management have better things to do than fill out long surveys for 9 Kreds... cripes!

VidySpot: Watch a new Video every day for 1 Kred. It took 2 tries to load it. Now it wants me to subscribe to their YouTube channel for "a reward"... I'll say no... It sent me to a different page, and I got my 1 Kred after watching the same video there. I also subscribed too, lolz!

Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2016, 15:39
by Aleksandr
i'd rather waste 2 minutes of my time with a cell phone and then another 25 minutes spend in work, to acquire the necessary nickels to purchase 30 credits through the mobile phone.

Re: War Cats: Scratching Post

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2016, 16:35
by 5Cats
Aleksandr wrote:i'd rather waste 2 minutes of my time with a cell phone and then another 25 minutes spend in work, to acquire the necessary nickels to purchase 30 credits through the mobile phone.

Lolz! I know eh? But there's a problem with spending hard currency on a game: it makes you even more addicted, less likely to give up on "your investment"! There's research done on this.
It's also because I'd have to fire-up PayPal again, and poverty. Spending actual cash is tough for me, and $14 for a virtual bunch of pixels seems excessive...

Plus it's fun to get "free stuff" even if it takes a long time. :lol:

Team Raid Tomorrow: Expert again, it has a different Duty. Then Easy most likely.
After that Hard & Medium to be sure of getting both completed.