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Some recommendations

Postby Pieterr » 21 Sep 2016, 14:30


Just wanted to share some thoughts with you,...

There are many posts on this forum about the playing a friend feature. Some of them are mine,…
I recall an initiative to play a PVP battle against other players with specific rules, I believe this was called the tribe table. Unfortunately, players who’d committed themselves to these rules met other players who didn’t. Although it was fun to play, the PVP ranking system considered these battles as regular. Eventually, this initiative just bled dead.

What is the secret of a successful CCG?

Before answering this question I suppose it would be useful to investigate other successful CCG’s. Whether you’d like it or not that automatically brings us to magic the gathering (after this:MTG)….
MTG was great because it was new. It was easy to learn, although it had quite some rules.
You could built your own deck around your ideas of the game.
You could trade cards with other players, anyway you’d like it. Or you could help a friend out by just giving him/her cards.
You could play a game against another player or if you’d happen to have more friends over you could play multiplayer.
People could make up their own mind about what type of game they wanted to play.

Now let’s take a look at WWII CCG
Can we buy cards? Sure, we can. We can even buy gold to buy even more packs again.
Can we trade cards with other players or help new players out to get started? No, we can’t. The only thing you can do with spare cards (after crafting) is to sell them back to the computer. Depending on the rarity of the card, this gets completely out of balance.
Can we play against a friend? Yes, we can but only if you’re friends on facebook. Otherwise NO. Not everybody wants to use his/her facebook account to play a match against a person they’ve got acquainted to in a CCG.
Can we determine the type of game we want to play? Yes and no,.. Yes we can but we’ve seen what happened to the tribetable. No, you’re still depending on the computer which decides if you’re going to play and against which other player that is.
Can we chat during gameplay? We’ve got a global chat and a platoon chat. The global chat is open to everybody. Not everybody wants to share his/her ideas with the rest of the world. Especially when you're new to this game. This should be made more personnal.

In my opinion, you should (as a game developer) provide these features. Trading cards and play with a friend (or friends).
Will this have an effect on your income as it is now?
I can’t predict the future (and neither can you). For all I know is that this game has been downloaded over 50,000 times. This would have been a nice database if all these players still were around. But they aren’t. I suppose the number of active players is far less and still people lose interest.
It seems logical to me that your income on the selling cards feature in the shop would decrease for a while but eventually a bigger database of active players would make up for it. More than you can imagine. Another pro on this issue is that you’ll get to know the game value of every specific card you’ve introduced. To be more specific: Some rares are better than other rares. When you’ll introduce a marketplace for it, that marketplace will determine its value.

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