Shorthand and Abbreviations (proposed)

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Shorthand and Abbreviations (proposed)

Postby 5Cats » 17 May 2016, 07:06

Hi everyone!

With new stuff on the way, there's even more descriptions for various things. A little shorthand or abbreviations cuts down on the typing and confusion, eh? :!:

Campaign: z or Z Then the level number (I prefer lower case! Helps it stand out)
z03, Z03 or zN03, ZN03 is the third level of the campaign, Normal mode.
Difficulty Hard: zH03 or ZH03
Difficulty Master = zM03 or ZM03

Raids: -S for Solo, -T for team
R gets used a lot, so we'll add the difficulty for each one:
Easy = RE-S/T
Medium = RM-S/T
Hard = RH-S/T
Expert = RX-S/T

Missions: Just the names work, followed or preceded by E, M or H
But we can cut them down too:
Stalingrad = S-Grad or SM (M is for Mission)
D-Day = DM
Gazala = GM
Iwo Jima = Iwo or IM

So both E-SM or SM-E mean Easy Stalingrad Mission.

We usually say "Easy Iwo Day 3" but that can be shortened to IM-E3 or EIM-3 or even IME-3.

Rank: For you units it's just R or r -1,2 or 3 We can use lower care r- for units and upper case for the others?

Rank: For the campaign levels completed... isn't too important! It's also kind of confusing, where does one look that up?

Rank: In the PvP standing is just PvP Rank, Same for Mission Rank or Platoon (weekly) Rank. We could use R- to shorten it a bit.
RPv-10 (10th on the PvP list) RMi-10, RPP-10 Or PvR-10, MiR-10 and PPR-10

PvP Rate 1250 is just that, if your shorten it to R-1250 or PvP-1250 people will know what you mean.
Platoon Points is just PP-23K or 23K-PP

Card Ranks: Common (Co), Uncommon (Uc), Rare (Ra), Epic (Ep), Elite (El or Et), Legend (Le)

Colours: Legend = BFBF00 Elite = 0080FF Epic = 4000FF Rare = 808000 and Common, Uncommon are just dull. Or 808080

Nations are usually shortened to Ger, Rus, Brit, US and Jap. (The Yanks sent the UK an extra letter via Lend Lease, ok? Of course Yank and UK are also used too) or just the first letter.

Packs: O-Pak, E-Pak and G-Pak are the most common. Marshall = M-Pak. The available nation Paks are G, R, B, U, J.

:arrow: Think up any more? I can add them (with credit of course!). And of course, other languages may or may not be able to use these :lol:
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