Artillery vs Penetration

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Artillery vs Penetration

Postby 5Cats » 15 May 2016, 16:20

An interesting observation on how this works out, NOT a bug that needs fixing! It's a terrific part of the game, I think! Having subtle 'tricks' which give players a small assistance against the nasty-bad AI...

Oh heck! I didn't get a screenie after all...

We know that if facing some deadly unit, like Brombar, Steel Guards, Vasily or the M3 Satan? Something with "kill power" that destroys equal ranks even if you have sniper? If you have artillery behind that unit which also attacks & the enemy is destroyed? The Penetration or Death Flames don't destroy you! You still take regular damage if applicable though.

However? In a recent raid I noticed that my 10-9 R-1 Marines (with Mosin) had Monty behind them facing R-2 Zhukov. Even though Monty did only 5 damage of Zhukov's 7 defence? The Marines were spared destruction! Yay!

On the last turn, Mr. Zhukov returned, and Mr. Monty had been reduced to 0 attack. I wondered if the artillery effect would still protect them? No risk to test it since this was the final turn anyhow, if the 20-18 Marines dies it was no biggie...

They survived! Somehow the "Artillery Effect" still worked even though:
- at first it was lower than the enemy defence
- second time it had 0 attack and still worked

Makes sense, I just hadn't seen it before. Note that the enemy has to die of course, hitting a Brombar with big defence will indeed kill your sniper even with artillery behind him if it doesn't get destroyed. It doesn't 'negate' the power, it has to do with the 'order of events' eh? ;)

Thought I'd share, cheers!
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