Transfer Gold?

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Transfer Gold?

Postby 5Cats » 08 Aug 2015, 00:29

We should be able to transfer gold to... Platoon mates!
It would make being in a cool platoon (like... Cats Of War) so much better. It would end the temptation to surrender in PvP to give your pal 20 gold, eh?
On the down side? It might encourage more Mission play...

Anyhow, I have piles of gold and would like to help new Platoon Mates. But there's literally no way to aid them!
Obviously giving cards is NOT an option! Lolz! So a gold transfer would be cool! Like 100 per day limit? Perhaps? I send lives and stuff, but that only helps them in Campaign (for some gold & better cards, I guess).

Just a random thought entering my cat-brainz on a hot, muggy day.

Also: A Platoon Page would be nice! To share WW2 TCG secret tips with our pals! And to communicate with non-Kong players better.
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Re: Transfer Gold?

Postby nAFAI » 10 Aug 2015, 10:17

That's not a bad idea 5Cats.

We were thinking on additional ways to use the gold ingame and some variations of this idea could work, will keep you posted!

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