PvP questions

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PvP questions

Postby kaladan » 14 Jul 2015, 21:03

I have two questions

1. Does Matchmaking even exist in this game? Because from my fist match I got matched vs people with full epic/legendary decks where you simply can´t compete. Time to time - like 1 from 6/8 games you get someone with Rare decks where you can have actualy interesting match.

2. Is there time limit on turn AFTER you play some cards? Because already twice happen to me that people drop cards in turn 2/3 and then with one power left they just do nothing and match just stay stuck - I tried wait for 15 minutes and nothing happen .... so I left -_-
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Re: PvP questions

Postby Toyyon » 14 Jul 2015, 21:26

Heyho ,

1. Matchmaking exists, But it does not take into account what cards you have. The only thing that counts is the pvp ranking.
So if a player has a super heavy deck with many Legendarys but keeps on losing it is likely that he gets matched with new players.
There are many unfair matches, most bc there are not enough players in the queue waiting.
So the matchmaking system prefers to give you an unfair match to give you no match at all afaik, which is a good thing imo and might change when the playerbase grows.

2. This is a bug. Happens sometimes.

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Re: PvP questions

Postby Assassin » 15 Jul 2015, 15:37

As said...

1. Matchmaking is NOT perfect...there aren't enough players...sometimes it will give you a hard game. I suggest you play the single player campaign to get more cards...in the beginning it is easy to improve as most cards are better than what you have. Don't buy officer packs as those are a waste of gold...i would say enlisted packs are the better option for a LONG TIME. In a while you will have a deck good enough to have fun and win sometimes.

2. Some bugs exist...i would suggest closing all other apps before playing...
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