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Re: PvP Season 5 Champions!

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2015, 18:18
by wolf
I try to be polite even though it's hard especially after a loss. One time I was so angry after Toyyon beat me with this British Pump Card that never appears in the Shop that I "politely" told him to fuck off.
That was inappropriate and I want to apologize. Won't happen again.
Just try to be nice with each other, after all this is a game of gentlemen.


Re: PvP Season 5 Champions!

PostPosted: 16 Aug 2015, 17:02
by alemán
Ahhhh ... no room for sissies :mrgreen:

Of course one should not overundermisestimate anything but some brutal grind and emotions are fun.
Especially rage and hate can be so entertaining sometimes.
People in Kongregate-chat had a great laugh because of the "emotional outbreak" you had with Toyyon.

So dont worry, keep on fighting gently ;)