Gustav + Luck = Victory!

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Gustav + Luck = Victory!

Postby 5Cats » 18 Jun 2015, 07:16

So it's late night Pvp, I match with a guy 200 points higher than me... I won't name him, but he's a good player & fought bravely!

It was short and violent!

Turn 1: I go first.
Draw: Gustav, Highland, 2X BE, S&D and something else... GW?
Play: Gustav + BE (What else could I do?)

Him: Plays Busters, La-7 and 109th opposite my Gustav, stabbing it for 2

Turn 2: Only 2 AP, can't arm Gustav... but I draw another BE!
Boom baby! My other cards were pointless! Lolz!

Him: 109th auto-promotes to R-2, he plays BE on it AND Browning! Kills my Gustav, just barely! 109th dies too. The planes hit me for 6 more.

Turn 3: 40-24
I play Busters, La-7 and Berger, clearing his units away!
He plays: Busters, Busters... :x

Turn 4: 40-20
I have 1 AP, a damaged La-7 and r-1 Berger on the board... I draw R-3 Gustav! Best AP ever! There were no other cards, lolz! I didn't even see them...
I tucked Gustav in behind my La-7 and cried: "HAVOC! Let slip the Cats of War!!!"

Him: La-7 again, killing mine, some other cards... R-3 109th came back I think? Followed by surrender. His La-7 cannot block Gustav after all!

Short & violent, and VERY lucky! :mrgreen: For him too, to kill my Gustav like that was a brilliant move, and fortunate!

I'm so glad he didn't have (or draw) Monty on turns 2 or 4... I had a Medic Order but really, that would have been horrible.

+14 Rank points I got? I forget, it was a lot! Lolz!

Edit: Hummm, it couldn't have been the Browning, that would only have done 6 points damage. (6-3 armour)*2... It must have been Bazooka, Piat or some tank-destroying item. It happened very fast...
Fight Bravely!
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