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Platoon Ethics

Postby Assassin » 16 Apr 2015, 10:02

Most players are in platoons now...and most platoons have discussion and some ethical issues...i.e. rules (even if unwritten)

My personal view first:
I will play any opponent, even within my platoon...anytime...and i will always play to win, and expect him to do the same.
I actually think it interesting when playing platoon members...we sometimes discuss the plays...(not easy on the chat...but possible)

I do warn when i am on PVP, because:
- Inter platoon matches dont give platoon points
- My deck is too strong for some platoon members
- If i beat an opponent with much higher rating he will lose A LOT of rating points
So...i leave to the platoon members the decision to engage me or not...honestly...i might avoid a strong opponent if i dont feel like having a hard match...or if i am on a losing streak already.

And i am guessing this happens with my platoon colleagues...and in other platoons...
I dont care about the 5% ratio...i dont think anyone else on the platoon does...

The problems:
- This reduces PVP matchmaking...if only one platoon is present "in force" at a particular moment.
- I am not sure of the effects on the ranking system...our platoon has several members with similar rankings...and cats has two top members...avoiding each other will have some sure what.

What it does is promote platoon-vs-platoon matches...and this is the fun part...sometimes we have 2,3 or even 4 simultaneous matches...

Anyhow...the platoon system seems to be a PLUS...just needs the bugs to be fixed. Ethics is a side issue...but thought it interesting to discuss it...
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