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Re: a little evaluation,...

Postby Pieterr » 07 Jan 2015, 13:07

Hello nAFAI,

Thanks for your response,

As you can read in this thread, I've already invited other (experienced) players to join the discussion about the quality of the cards. For now I keep track of this. But I can't help thinking that this would have been an issue you should have started yourself.
Because it is just as important for you as it is for the players to know the value of the cards.

As soon as the value of the cards is known you can make a much better trading system (wheter this is to the computer or to other players) as it is now. The joy of opening a booster is the chance of having a really lucky draw: Getting a very valuable card! For starters this means that they can sell it to buy back more boosters so that they can really get started. For collectors / more advanced players this would be a chance to improve their decks and/or complete their collection.
The trading system on this game makes no sense to me as I explained when I started this thread.

I hope you still appreciate the critism I offer, it's meant positively,

Cheers to you
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Re: a little evaluation,...

Postby Assassin » 07 Jan 2015, 16:12

Pieterr wrote:Just a question: You catagorized 101st as an epic. But isn't this a rare?

I'm anxious to see what you make out of tier 5.

Nope...the ones i got have blue borders to match the flag :)

It was rare once...the game had a card "reclassification" some weeks back...so perhaps you saw it on some outdated info...

Tier 5 will require checking the card database...so it will take a while more...have to work sometimes :)
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