No One Step Back

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No One Step Back

Postby Dugrim » 11 Dec 2014, 03:17

I think this is the new "Flag Raising".
For a mere 6 HP gained by the opponent for unit destroyed, you can destroy one unit/all units, no level involved.
Maybe changing it to gain the starting HP of the level of the unit/s destroyed?
Right now I see it a little cheap: "Oh look, a (put the name of a really good unit here)! One action and no more trouble!"
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Re: No One Step Back

Postby Killer » 11 Dec 2014, 05:27

it just another kind of noborito laboratory card, but the difference is no types of unit and level involved in this card but at the cost of the opponent getting some health. be aware that you cant just use "destroy all opponent unit" especially in PVP since they will get huge amount of heath (probably doubled) and you lose your action point at the same time ;)
but it is very very useful for single player campaign ( do not kill enemy, kill xx enemy unit mission ) :)
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Re: No One Step Back

Postby Assassin » 11 Dec 2014, 13:46

I may be biased...i have NOSB and not Flag Raising...

I think there is a big difference...FR is mostly used ON protect your units prior to atack...and they can destroy blockers also.
Next turn they will be there for a new attack, upgrading or whatever...eventually you will get FR again for very destructive effects...
(I wasnt able to test the new FR vulnerability to SPY)

NOSB is normally used to destroy a troublesome enemy unit...which may come it is mostly a defense card...a strong one i admit...but mostly used as a "reset".
It can be used on attack to remove a blocker...BUT it is rarely worth using in this fashion...perhaps in endgame.

I agree that BOTH may affect the game outcome...i won a couple that i might have lost because i could remove a very hard enemy with NOSB...but I lost a lot more due to flag raising...there was no way to avoid it!
And as an additional "evidence"...debatable, of course...players with both cards use Flag Raising MUCH MORE...and i dont "fear" NOSB...i still "fear" FR!

NOSB seems "fairer" to wouldnt even be in my top three choices for best card...
(its cost is debatable...depends on its use)
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