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Introduce Your Deck!

Postby DaemonSultan » 09 Nov 2014, 18:22

Hello, let's introduce and discuss our own decks for PVP, to improve and get counters on them :)

I call mine the 'flag-rush deck'. The core cards are two 101 airbournes, david, denial cards(ichiki, brandengurgers, guerilla warfare, katyusha, NOSB!), and deploy units. The main strategy is simple: deny every enemy cards, flag my cards, hit the enemy with deploy units. Even though it is a rushing deck, I promote as much as I can. escpecially on ichiki and brandenburgers, but not usually to rank 3(where Better Equipment is almost useless). Recently I added Taking Command to restore my HP and not to waste my point.

Someday I'll post the screenshot of my deck.
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Re: Introduce Your Deck!

Postby Assassin » 10 Nov 2014, 10:49

I have no specific strategy...i play with the best cards i have...and experiment a little each day...

I use all the legendaries i have (Zaitsev, Not one step bcak, Noborito and Onoda)...althought Zaitsev has little use in PVP...i sometimes remove it.

The "must use" Epic cards units would be 101st, Hetzer, Ichiki, Brandenburgers and 1st Marines.
The "must use" abilites would be Better Equipment, Confusion
The items i vary a lot...nowadays i mostly use Shock Effect and Marshall Baton...

I often also use removal units...Jackson, Me262 and the Jap Tank that removes Infantry

What i am experimenting now...Katyuska, P51, T34
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Re: Introduce Your Deck!

Postby young » 12 Nov 2014, 19:51

First of all, I'd like to thanks valsolo. His
post 'strategy thoughts' is quite helpful for me.

There are still lots of cards I haven't got, so when I get some new cards, I will change my deck.

I take all my legendary cards: Maus, David and 'not one step back'. Some deny cards: brandenburgers, Jackson, confusion, 2 guerrilla warfare , flying ace and ichki.

As i havent got Hetzer, I remove 1st marine. Because it nearly impossible to live to the frontline. Instead, I take some deploy units(2 fallschrim, type 4), brutality units(tiger I, grossdeutschland), aircrafts(flying tiger, P51, zero), Panther and Sherman. when the deploy on Spitfire has been fixed, I will take it too.

I also take some special units and orders: shock army, 1st rangers, courageous, better equipment, taking command and incapacitable. Sometimes they could bequite useful.

I prefer to promote units, so I only take 4 equipment and mostly used for the units with well equiped.
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Re: Introduce Your Deck!

Postby JordanBei » 24 Nov 2014, 08:52

Well I have 3 different decks I could use for pvp
My main deck which I just use the best cards I have
My soviet and german based deck which mainly has soviet and german units to make use of russian propaganda and their faction medals. This deck uses the only legendary I have the great Gustav
My air based deck which has mainly air units which works well at damaging the enemy and the ishikawajima ne-20 item is really good here especially with p-51.
There are a few cards that appear in all three of my decks they are better equipped, confusion, hetzer, tiger 1, Panther, brandenburger, higher caliber, 101st.
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