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Re: Player numbers...and PVP

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2014, 23:35
by Assassin
young wrote:
Assassin wrote:
young wrote:Losing is OK for me. It's a PvP game and people always losing. I played a lot and my winning ratio is just over half. But if be defeated all the games in 30 matches, you may lose confidence to play on. That what I experienced.

I guess your losing streak is over... :D :( :twisted:
(Nice game today)

If i remember correctly you have new cards (David and Maus) and are now able to do a lot more damage...there is nothing better to give confidence than a couple of strong legendaries :D

There is a fast growing number of very strong players now...opposition varies much more and each game is a "deadly" fight!!!!
(Now we just need some new PVP modes or something to add some "competition")

Yes, I think we have some wonderful games today. The game which just done I think is so amzing (although I lost at last). My hp had below to ten for several times, and I reloaded for more than 40 hp I think. Quite a tough and interesting game, :lol:

"Taking Command" was nicely can be used to prolong matches...and even change their outcome...but sometimes it is a bad idea as you lose an action point that can tilt the board against you. (In the game you mention i guess you had no choice...)
You made some nice moves, namely removing the attack from fully upgraded was a different situation...
Nice that you are having fun again...