Discussion on future trading

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Discussion on future trading

Postby Pieterr » 11 Nov 2019, 12:57

Hello everybody,

The trade option has been a desire for many players for many years. I believe I brought it up under FrozenShards attention myself many times, but as I learned that they were not interested to implement such a feature I’ve stopped doing so. Anyway, as I understand now that they are more open to this feature, I’d like to grab the opportunity to discuss this (future) trading feature here in this post. A small request: Please, don’t spoil this post by discussing other subjects.

In the past we’ve discussed several features related to trading, as I recall:
- a trading system;
- a similar auction system (just like Heroes Empire, another game of FS);
- a system which enables a platoon leader to give cards to other players in his/her platoon.

Trading system
This is system in which one player trades a card with another player.
The other player could offer:
a) a card or cards;
b) gold
c)) raid coins
d) duty coins
e) a combination of the above
Another possible issue on this matter I’d like to mention: Should trading be open to all players or just the players in the platoon. Please, think about it.

Auction system
In this system a player would be enabled to auction a specific card. An auction is open for every player. I think gold would be the right currency to auction the cards with. I’m not sure (so correct me if I’m wrong) but in Heroes Empire you need auction tokens to be able to auction. This way FS limited the auctionpossibilities in that game.

A system which enables the platoon leader to give cards to a platoon member
In the past when we’ve discussed the lack of players in the database I’ve launched this idea to help new players out by giving a platoon leader the possibility to give cards to new players in his/her platoon. In this way platoon leaders could really help new players out by presenting them cards. Of course, this would also (hopefully) prevent new players from leaving the game and trying to keep them on board. This idea didn’t make it however, because of the difference in platoon leaders (some platoon leaders have many cards to offer, some don’t).

Until so far, the past,… Now let’s discuss about the future. I’m very curious about your ideas on this matter, so feel free to speak your mind about it. I’ve discussed 3 options above, if you can think of another one than please share it.

This is it for now, I’d love to read your ideas. Thanks for reading.

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Re: Discussion on future trading

Postby Pieterr » 11 Nov 2019, 13:35

As part of this post I’ve created I’d also like to express my thoughts on this future trading,…

First of all, I’d feel that trading should be open for all players.
Secondly, I think that trading should be related to the revenue you get from selling cards back to the computer. An example:
You can sell a rare card back to the computer for 50 gold.
Instead of selling it back to the computer you can now trade it for (max) 50 gold to another player.
The other player could offer: 50 gold or a rare card (also worth 50 gold) or 3 uncommon card + 20 gold (also worth 50 gold), etc.
By doing so, nobody makes a real profit out of trading, which I believe shouldn’t be part of the future trading.
Further, as you can see in the example I’ve described above, you see that it’s just gold and cards involved. In short: No duty and/or raid coins. This is (also) on purpose because I feel that these possible currencies shouldn’t be part of a trading system as well. But this is my opinion. Another thing I’d like to mention is that this trading system is simple and easy to understand, you don’t need to understand a lot of rules.

- Players don’t make a profit out of trading;
- Instead of selling a card back to the computer, you can now help another player by trading it;
- Players get an extra option to obtain the number of cards they need (for crafting);
- All players can help each other out;
- Some cards of the same rarity arer better than other cards of the same rarity. Due to a trading system and the demand for these cards we will finally have an idea of the actual worth of these cards.
- The trading system is easy to understand and shouldn’t be that hard to implement it.

Okay, this is my idea on this matter.

Thanks for reading again.

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Re: Discussion on future trading

Postby Assassin » 11 Nov 2019, 17:02

The "real" issue is pretty obvious...Frozenshard makes its living out of selling cards. PERIOD.

A trading system is always a risk as it may allow players to get for "free" cards they would otherwise buy...and only real money transactions really matter in this scenario...

As a quick example...several players invested real cash on Plastic Explosives cards...
If a market existed, many of these would have gotten them from platoon members or general players...it is just a matter of price. All these players have lots of cards that could make an interesting "package" for a lucky newbie that got his hands on Plastic...but was willing to trade it for 5 or 6 other legendaries...
Also...other players might do the same...effectively making the card less valuable (in real cash)...and in fact reducing the profits FS got from it...(and still is getting i am sure).

I know this, most players know this...Frozenshard knows this...

A WELL IMPLEMENTED trading system on a FUNCTIONAL MARKET would actually improve profits...YES. Frozenshard also knows this as it is the basis of many other games. Players would be more willing to invest money as the market would IMPROVE their returns and allow them to sell "repeat cards". I am guessing FS thinks the market would not be functional due to the relatively low number of active players...
Or they fear the risks of a bad implementation...always dangerous to rock the boat...particularly when the boat is small.... ;)
Also an example...i find it useless to but ANY PACKS once you get past the midgame (in terms of number of cards) as the odds of getting some useless card are very large...worse...paying customers i know also think the same. A market would make this investment more "profitable"...

In short...i understand WHY...not sure if FS is thinking correctly...but i am pretty sure they fear the RISK. And they should know...they have several similar games and experience on the subject...i think...
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Re: Discussion on future trading

Postby Pieterr » 11 Nov 2019, 18:21

@ assassin:
First of all: I specifically asked not to spoil this post by bringing up other issues than a future trading system. Thanks for honoring this small request.
Furthermore, I don’t need a lesson (and I suppose FS neither) about how FS is making a living out of this cardgame.

Mtormo wrote and I quote: We currently don't have plans to implement a trade system right now. While this is something that we can discuss in the future, in the past we didn't find a good way to implement the system and we preferred to implement other systems to obtain cards.

If FS decides that we can discuss this now than it is good enough for me.
And how they make/lose money, illustrated with silly examples and what the risks are is totally irrelevant. So again, thanks for honoring my small request not to spoil this post. Again, this is not what this topic is about. We have an opportunity now to discuss our ideas concerning this topic with them. But in the end, it’s for them to decide what to implement, it’s their game.
I assume that FS can clearly think for themselves and they don't need you to speak for them.
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Re: Discussion on future trading

Postby Ace1 » 12 Nov 2019, 02:59

In my opinion the game has been around way too long already to now implement a trading system.

Too many players have sold off X amount of cards in the past b/c there was no trading system.

While I think it would be great if this game allowed a trading system, as it is literally named a "trading card game", it hasn't for so long and I'm not sure now or any time in the future would be "fair" to implement it.

That said, I personally haven't sold any of my cards that I've obtained, so I would be fine with a trading system coming around.

ONLY if it was NOT platoon only trading. There is already a bit of an exclusivity in the top platoons and everyone else. Allowing a trading system that was only allowable between platoon members would widen this gap even further.

I fully would understand and respect those that have sold cards though to not "want" this system and I am okay with or without one.

Edit*** I would be fine with an auction system, but not platoon only as I think reading this again I could have phrased that better.
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Re: Discussion on future trading

Postby mtormo » 12 Nov 2019, 09:10


Honestly, implementing a "trade system" when the game is already launched has a lot of difficulties (keep in mind that the game is designed in a way to obtain a huge amount of cards, gold and raid coins). We tried in the past (in a different game) to add an Auction House system and we couldn't make it to work, it wasn't worth for players.

Any suggestion is always well received and we are always open to discuss any feature if we believe that the game will improve with that. Right now, we're working on a "big update" to improve the "Factory/Hangar/Shipyard" cards as "experimental cards" and an option to craft them in regular ones.

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