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Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2019, 12:50
by Pieterr

I’ve been playing your new dungeon (the Battle of Singapore) since Monday: Two of them were medium missions (for the battle pass) the rest of them were hard missions. I’d like to grab the opportunity to share some feedback about these missions.

The missions are, just like the other missions you’ve created, a mixture of winning/loosing. In other words: It’s not unbeatable, it’s not a guaranteed win either. As for now, I think I’ve won more than that I’ve lost and I think the balance is good. At least I can live with the results I’ve had very well.

The rewards for beating the medium mission are, to my opinion, very poor. The 2 medium missions I’ve played (and won) gave me 6 uncommon cards, 2 of them were from your new expansion.
The rewards for beating the hard mission are very good. The best part of it is that you seem to get a guaranteed epic card or higher. Due to this reward, I really like playing it.
As far as I can tell, only beating the Dday hard mission provides a guaranteed epic or higher reward.

It also brings me to the next question:
Why not improve the rewards for:
a) - Battle of the Bulge
b) - Guadalcanal

a) Battle of the Bulge:
Unlike other players, I feel that this mission is quite balanced as it is. The rewards are quite good too. Except for the fact that you often end up with just rare cards. It would be nice to provide a player who beats the hard mission with at least an epic card (or higher). Just like the hard mission in Dday/Singapore.

b) Guadalcanal
This rewards for beating this hard mission are, to my opinion, rather strange: You get (just) one card from your Sealords expansion. Which is rare or higher. Most frequently: Rare! So again, not epic or higher.
To further explain myself: You’ve launched this (Sealords) expansion yourselves. How are players ever going to get the (good) cards out of it? Not (even) to mention: the uncommons?
The only ways to get cards out of this Sealords expansion is to buy ensign packs in the shop, to be part of platoon that finishes Midway (hard and expert), the individual raid (hard/expert) and to play Guadalcanal and Ten-Go. Do you realize how hard it is to get epic/legendary cards of this specific expansion compared to other expansions you’ve launched? To rephrase myself: How do you expect players to (ever) collect 15 of the same epics of this expansion, which is required for crafting it into diamond? While the opportunities/chances this game offers to get them are conditioned like they are now.

Anyway, I’m very content with the new Singapore dungeon. I hope that this feedback will lead to reviewing the rewards you provide on the other dungeons I’ve described.

Thanks for reading,


Re: Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2019, 18:57
by Assassin
Fully agree with Pieter...same thoughts crossed my mind while playing Singapore...but he phrased them very well...

The sheer amount of cards that exist now justify an improvement in rewards on old missions...

Re: Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2019, 23:41
by dino66
Hi All,
My opinion is the same as Pieter and Assassin about new mission (The battle of Singapore).
About old missions i also agree with them. There must be an improvement in mission's rewards.
Best regards.

Re: Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2019, 08:47
by mtormo

Thanks for all your feedback, we always adjust the Historical Missions after an expansion (specially the new missions), it's still early to take a decision in any balance changes but we'll review all data for the next update.

About the rewards, we fully agree with you, we need to "check & compare" all the current Missions and their rewards but I'm not 100% sure if this change will take place in the next update or the following (we're currently working on all the changes that we were talking about how to "fix" the expansion and add some new features).


Re: Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2020, 14:20
by Pieterr

First of all: Happy new year. I really hope you've all enjoyed your rare free (holiday) time.
The reason why I bring up this subject again is simple: I'd like to bring it under your attention (again).

As I've read in other topics that you'd like to review the raids and this is on top of your list. I feel that the rewards for completing a hard mission should be improved is absolutely not less urgent.
Last week I've played a lot of Singapore hard. Although, I didn't get the epics and the legends which I'm after,.. At least I've got epics and legends for doing so.
This weeks hard missions are going to provide me with a lot of rares and every now and then hopefully an epic (and if I'm really lucky a legend).

It's frustrating and annoying me.
I was really glad to read that you share my thoughts on this initial post I've created. I also understand that you had higher priorities at that specific time.
But please don't forget this post and preferably do something about it.

Thanks for reading,


Re: Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2020, 10:32
by mtormo
Hello Pieter,

We're working with the "January Update" right now and what you can expect on this newly update: (Keep in mind that this is work in progress and may change)

  • New Crafted (40+) Cards.
  • Unit Balance.
  • Raid Balance Difficulty & Rewards.
  • Historical Mission update.
  • Warmachine Cards in the Shop.
  • New Cards for gold in the Shop.
  • Deck Slot price reduction.


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PostPosted: 09 Jan 2020, 10:36
by Assassin
Missions quick take (vet player perspective):
Most missions are now OK in terms of difficulty...many are not so well in terms of rewards.

The best balanced (in both terms) in my opinion is IwoJima which has an adequate difficulty and rewards. In Hard level you should ALWAYS get at least a EPIC card and a "minimum" chance at a Legendary.
Singapore is fun and provides nice reward from the new expansion (similar to Iwo i think...but more recent cards), only issue is sometimes the AI gets a killer draw and game is over. It has a reasonable win/reward ratio, but annoys sometimes.
Ddday is now ok also...i think it could be a bit easier.
Stalingrad is still too hard. Not due to the player deck, but also the AI gets unstoppable draws early draw of Maus, Upgrade and Equip is too much bradenburgers at later stages.
Guadalcanal is actually the easiest mission...not sure if due to that, the rewards are the is fun to play, but you have to play A LOT to get anything useful.
Bulge is now ok-ish...difficulty is ok, but rewards also a bit too low. No point in getting MANY cards if you get almost nothing useful. I would prefer less cards, but an assured Epic.
Citadel is same as Bulge...difficulty ok...rewards seem underwhelming.

Gazala i didn't play after the update...used to be a mission where you would LOSE gold in search of Ramcke (and AK)...nothing else.
The other missions that provide Diamond cards are badly designed in my opinion. Reward is basically the diamond card, other than that it makes no sense to play them. Pitty because they were actually fun to play.
These three all suffer from the effect of you no longer having a reason to play once you have the reward you wanted.

Note that i understand all of these are GRIND missions...just gets a bit annoying spending lots of time playing them just to sell everything back to the computer...dozens of times...and once in 10 or so you get an Epic card...which means that in Bulge or Citadel you have to play 50 or so to get something you can use...worse in Guadalcanal...much better in Iwo or Singapore.

Then there is the FUN factor. Missions should be fun to play...i have fun in Bulge, Singapore and Citadel mostly because there are several ways to win. Iwon and Guadalcanal also a bit fun, but tactics are a bit more "fixed". DDday and Stalingrad are a bit boring as you always have to do basically the same. I can live with any of them (provided rewards are good enough), but if the difficulty/reward/boredom factors compound too much i simply stop playing...

Right now i practically dont play Stalingrad (hard and boring), i rarely play DDay (a bit boring and difficult, so usually better ones around) and i will play Guadalcanal just a bit (this one is easy, rewards just not worth it). i will focus on Singapore and Iwo whenever available...will play Bulge and Citadel whenever the previous are not available. Wont play the point (i sometimes play black friday just because i think it is fun, reward always crap).

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PostPosted: 09 Jan 2020, 14:58
by Pieterr
I’d like to share my experience with you as well about (hard) historical missions. I’ve thought about avoiding the rewards on it (because we’ve already agreed on this issue), but as this seems to be inevitable it is going to be part of it. Although I will do my best to limit it to a minimum.

The old missions (Iwo, D-day and Stalingrad)
First of all, I liked D-day best. Rewards for playing it were always better than the other two. For me, this was also the most fun playing.
Stalingrad was second best to me and Iwo was never much my cup of tea.
Nowadays I rarely play these missions. There is only one reason for this: I have all the cards of the basic set and in considerable numbers too. In other words, I feel that it is more useful that I spend my time and effort on other hard missions which will provide me with cards I’m more after.

Legend hunt mission (Gazala).
After I’ve obtained my 9th Ramcke, I’ve stopped playing this hard mission for the same reason as I’ve described above.

Diamond hunt missions (Black Friday and Ten-Go)
After obtaining the diamond, I couldn’t find a reason to keep on playing these missions. A reason to keep on playing these missions is that you get lucky and get the diamond again. Selling a “Yamato” or “BF 109f Squadron” back to the computer will earn you 500 golds and 50 raidpoints. Especially the raidpoints could trigger a player to play it again but only 50 is not really an invitation to do so, at least this is how I feel about it.
If I would sell a diamond which I’ve crafted back to the computer then I’d get 2.000 or 3.000 raidpoints for it in return and 2.000 gold. In short: I think it’s outbalanced.

(By the way, selling a mighty mo back to the computer doesn’t give any raidpoints. I feel this is rather strange too, because in the shop you sell them for 25.000 raidpoints a piece. Unexplainable, impossible to understand if you’d ask me).

Other missions (Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal and Citaldel)
I like your Singapore mission very much. It’s fun to play and win-lose ratio is good. Rewards? Good!
The other missions are fun to play too. But I really would like to see the rewards for beating it being the same as you’ve did with Singapore. (Again, we’ve discussed this already).

Thanks for reading and I hope my feedback will be of any use to you.


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PostPosted: 10 Jan 2020, 09:47
by mtormo

We're still working on the Historical Missions balance, but you can expect the current changes so far:

Historical Missions
  • D-Day Player's deck has been adjusted.
    We've added some new useful cards to the player's deck (units and items).
  • Battle of Stalingrad Opponent's Health has been reduced.
    This H. Mission is slower than others and therefore we reduced the amount of health required to pass the last phases.
  • Black Friday Opponent's Health has been slightly increased.
  • Op. Citadel Opponent's Health has been slightly increased.
    Around 5 health in the last two phases.

Legend hunt mission (Gazala) & Diamond hunt missions (Black Friday and Ten-Go)

This is a sensitive topic, while we loved the idea to obtain powerful cards from H. Missions they lose some value after gathering the needed cards. We have some ideas such as give more gold/raid points if you sell that cards or create more "craft options" to these cards but nothing is final on this point.


Re: Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2020, 10:43
by Dicksharpe
Please stop giving me 2 or even 3 of the Same cards in mission reward! This is a complete joke and makes a mockery of your utter tosh about how the rewards are totally random!