Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal

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Re: Singapore, Bulge, Guadalcanal

Postby Assassin » 31 Mar 2020, 17:10

mtormo wrote:Hello,

Until we do the changes to Historical Missions, we have discussed to increase manually the amount of Historical Missions, so we "track" the amount of missions played and it would be helpful to take a final decision about how to handle them.

You can expect and increase of more historical missions during the next month.


Ok. Thanks for the idea and extra mission.

I am curious on the data you will get ;)
I would assume Bulge and Citadel will have a much higher number of they are better balanced in terms of difficulty and rewards...
Perhaps the earlier missions will get lots newbie players, i played them a lot "back then"...really not sure how many of those (newbies) around...
10.000 Lemmings can't be wrong...
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