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Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2019, 17:27
by Aine
mtormo wrote:Hello,

I think there's some misunderstanding with raids and I can understand your complains, but raids where designed to take a week to complete. Gradually, with the addition of new and powerful cards, players could easily complete them in a couple of days but it was never our intention that you could complete a raid in just one day (and currently some players are capable).

The current state of raids is fine, we can check the damage done per ticket on each raid and the average is even higher that what we can expect (compared to previous expansions, specially since last expansion Outbreak).


Well, there's at least one raid where the average dmg/tick is quite insane, and yeah, dealing 5000 in one day is a bit too much. Otoh, Medium raid that cannot be finished in two days no matter the deck is weird. I dealt about 300 dmg/tick, and I got decks full of powerful cards. I doubt that any novice player with a freshly built deck could finish this raid in less than five days, so he's basically stuck without any progress.
Idk if this can be solved, especially without completely unbalancing the whole game. If there'd be easier raids meant for the noobs, sharks can still farm the raid points.
My main (and maybe only one) issue is that right now it's simply better to not play the non-Aleutian, non-Baltic raids, as the results are not worth the frustration. But others may have differing views.

Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2019, 08:23
by Aine
Damn this game, seriously.
I played Encirclement of Berlin twice this day, and the AI have played Horten three times, first time in the first turn of tick1, then on the second turn of tick 2 and two turns later after I somehow managed to get rid of it. Can you remove that crap, or do I really need to stop bothering myself with this mission?

Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2019, 09:10
by Aine
Sunday, Encirclement Medium

tick1: turn1 Maus, upgrade, Hartmann, turn2 PzII, turn3 Horten, 82 dmg dealt at all.
tick2: turn1 Hartmann, turn2 Horten + upgrade, effectively lost by turn4, 166 dmg.
tick3: turn1 Hartmann + Rommel killed my board, turn3 Maus, turn4 2x upg Maus, 265 dmg.
tick4: turn1 Hartmann + AK + Rommel killed my board, surrender.

So much fun. Did anybody tested this raid?

Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2019, 00:29
by Pieterr
I've played encirclement of Berlin as well,...
I play a german deck vs it: It's combined navy, airforce with one ramcke.

And yes, it hits me too with Hartmann, Horten, Rommel, Maus and all the other cards the ai has available.
Overall, the good news is that this ai doesn't have machineguns, spying, NOSB, invincible units, etc.
The bad news is that it has blitzkrieg units, confusion, Horten, Maus and Rommel.

Anyway, I'm not that bothered by Horten: My own airforce deals with it, its bombing doesn't effect my planes and makes my ships more angry. Above all the ai gets one ap less on its next turn.

If I were to make a deck especially designed for this raid:
- Ramcke
- Donitz, 1st Naval infantry Division, Blucher, Tirpitz, Blohm & Voss (all improve attacking skills when damaged and they will every turn)
- M2 and some units that provide bruatality
- NOSB, Plan Z (otherwise: naval development), better equipment, maybe captured (if you don't have a dia Ramcke), demotion (to keep the brandenburgers at rank 1), flag raising
- Units that provide promotion (Heinkel HE-219, Gneisenau)
- Units that provide strength (ME-262, Blohm & Voss)

Hope this post will be of any help to you.
Good luck,


Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2019, 06:27
by Aine
I don't have many German ships, and I don't have any blueprints left. I also don't have most of non-German cards, and I mostly don't have any appetite to play the thing.
This week's raids are Neptune (so-so playable at E+M), Opera Z (meh, but Easy kinda goes), and Encirclement (no thx). I'll have lots of spare time till next Mon, I guess.. :D

Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2019, 05:58
by Aine
Operation Dynamo is disgusting. I wasted three ticks playing this, and I should have known after the second try that this is pointless.
AI has far too many Spy units. It's a frustrating design, and it takes away any joy from playing this. It's also ana amazing way how to stop the player from doing anything significant, and coupled with some really brutal units, this seriously sucks to play against.

Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2019, 07:30
by Aine
Could you remove Confusion from Neptune raid? Jzust remove the damned card, please. There is only one enjoyable raid from all the mess that the game offers, Aleutian, and there ar two so-so playable ones, but Confusion makes Neptune annoying like hell. There's no point of making any effort when AI just wipes away all the units with one cards, and even has an AP left to proceed its gameplan.
edit: Wow, two ticks, two mass Confusions. Yeah, I'd surely recommend this game to my friends...

EDIT2: Four ticks, three mass Confusions. Do you even want any players in this game, or is this some kind of social experiment?

EDIT3: FOUR TICKS PLAYED, FOUR MASS CONFUSIONS. Seriously, this raid is idiotic.

What a beautiful way to start a beautiful day.

Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2019, 10:20
by Assassin
Can agree with the guy above...

Confusion is annoying in Neptune...and raid is still hard...(although now is playable and eventually profitable, on a good day)...
Replacing it it might help make the difficulty better and the overall experience less annoying... case it interests someone...i THINK (cannot prove or really explain it) that the cards WE PLAY affect the odds of the AI playing MASS confusion...
I think the odds of it being used reduced once i started playing less cards...i now play ONE STRONG unit on first play, and try to keep A MAXIMUM OF THREE units in battle at all times...
I think that having 4+ cards on the deck will make it more probable for the AI to use mass confusion...

Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2019, 08:58
by Aine
cool story, bro, but ur still on ignore.

Image Image
Totally balnced game, nothing wrong here. Well, maybe the second result was more like an insult, but at least if they mass Confuse you out of existence, the raid is over much faster so they don't get back that many life. And there's more time for chores, too. Win-win.

Re: Raids after update

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2019, 10:03
by mtormo

First of all, thanks for the feedback, one of our priorities for the next update will be a complete review of all raids. The game has changed a lot and we believe that raids need a big "update" and some improvements, specially the difference between some of the raids (rewards, difficulty,...) case it interests someone...i THINK (cannot prove or really explain it) that the cards WE PLAY affect the odds of the AI playing MASS confusion...

The rules to play orders for the AI:
  • The amount of AI units has in the battlefield (higher count, increases the possibility).
  • The amount of player units has in the battlefield (higher count, increases the possibility).