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PvP suggestions

PostPosted: 21 May 2014, 18:57
by sleonardo
1. At some point, you may want to have separate PvP rooms particularly for those that want to have full faction play as opposed to a mixed deck. I played against a player that had full German deck and I felt bad that I had a mixed deck. It was relatively easy to beat him. I also have a full Japanese deck that could have gone one-on-one with him if I've known. Many things can be explored here such as Axis deck, Allied deck. Definitely there needs to be a way to give incentive to play a full faction deck or a half deck (Axis, Allied). In other TCG games I've seen, mixed decks gets a penalty (for example 1 less action point or the oppose, full decks get 1 bonus action point). Ranking can be separate too by faction...

2. Maybe there is a need to for a separate Ranked and also unranked PVP rooms.

3. Allow for other people to go into an ongoing PVP game just to watch...

Re: PvP suggestions

PostPosted: 26 May 2014, 14:04
by ilya
Chat messages fly away and disappear very fast. Sometimes it hard to read. And on turn begins messages is overlapped by laying cards.

Re: PvP suggestions

PostPosted: 26 May 2014, 17:10
by nAFAI
Hey Ilya,

We have increased the time messages appear in the screen by 2 seconds, so it should be better now.

As for your suggestion sleonardo, thanks for them!

The themed Deck battles seems like a very fun ladder system and definetly something that sounds interesting, we will see what we can do once we have more spare time! Spectator mode is also a very good suggestion and something we discussed here, not an easy feature but something we will add to our wish list!