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New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2019, 12:01
by mtormo

This is the first post about the next expansion, currently we are still working on creating/balancing cards. This is a long (and ongoing) task because we need to be careful when doing changes or adding new cards/abilities.

Right now we are working with 40 cards (the objective will be around 80-100 new cards) and we’re currently tackling the following decks:

Russian Infantry
Russian Tanks
German Ships
Japanese Ships
British Aircrafts
American Aircrafts

We’re not just adding new cards, but improving “old” cards and orders/items useful for these decks. Of course the current state of each of these decks are different, and I’ll try to give some insights of each one.

About new abilities, we are testing abilities that target the front or the support line. On this expansion we are looking for abilities where placing the card in the correct spot will be key so there’s another “layer” of gameplay.

You can expect to see abilities such as:

Commissar Speech - Gives +3/+0 to all friendly Cards in the front Line. Heals 3 HP per each one.
Aimlessly Shot – At the start of the turn reduces the attack by 2 to all enemy cards in the front line.
Mine trap – Destroy a tank in the front line.
Artillery Support – Gives +2/+2 to the other friendly Cards in the Support Line.

Keep in mind that this information is subject to change at any moment given.

Russian Infantry

There’re a lot of Russian Infantry Cards but except for some useful cards (legendaries) the power of this deck is below average (we did some improvements on the last update but wasn’t enough).

You can expect some changes on current cards and al least two need infantry cards. Our idea for this deck was always a deck with slow pace that gains benefits on long term. You can expect new abilities such as “Motherland” (On promote gains +1 Action Point in your next turn).

Russian Tanks

A new Legendary Armoured Division (and more tanks) will be available, also some small improvements with the current tanks are required to be competitive. Cards such as the T-44 and T-34 are good examples of what we can expect for this deck.

German Ships

Currently we have 5 German Ships/Submarines under testing, I can’t guarantee that all of them will be on this expansion (or maybe more!) from the beginning but we are adding new abilities to make the deck more fast, resilient and “slippery” with blitz abilities, a “scout division” for German ships and defensive abilities.

We’re pretty happy with these new cards and we hope that German ships will be played during the next expansion.

Japanese Ships

Even after the nerf of “Yamato” the deck is in a really good shape, we’ve some new cards added to the mix such as the Legendary Kongo-class Battlecruiser “Haruna” and a new “support” ship.

Not only Japanese Ships, but all decks will receive some new “tools” and improvements to “make harder” the decision of what cards to use on your deck.

American Aircrafts

With the last update, American Aircraft are competitive by they still lacking a bit compared to the top decks. We’re adding new cards such as the “Silverplate” Card with two versions (similar to Patton or Rommel that both have two versions of the card).

While Flag Rising and Machine-gun are the signature abilities of the American Faction, we’re trying to give something more (and new) to Aircrafts.

British Aircrafts

British Faction has a common issue, the lack of units of one type. We are addressing this point and adding new abilities to make it different between type of cards. You can expect a “Flying Ace” from the British Faction!

If you don’t play one (or you don’t intend to try them) of these decks, you probably asking yourself what about my “deck”. ALL decks will receive new cards on the expansion and of course improvements on current cards.

On the incoming weeks will be sharing more information about the “other decks”, new abilities and show you some of the new cards in advance.

Balance Changes on current cards

Our plan will be to provide this information before the expansion (as we did on the Stronghold Expansion) so we can assure that all changes are available for you before the expansion hits the game.

We can’t do it right now because most of the decisions change during the development process and some cards are changed several times before going live.

As always we’ll try to keep you guys informed about the changes and about the decision that we took to do all the changes.


Re: New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2019, 15:12
by Assassin
Thank You for the information and the time spent communicating it...

Is there a PREDICTED timeline for the new expansion?

Am i correct to assume it will not make a big change in gameplay...i.e. wont add a new type of card like submarines or structures, right?

Re: New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2019, 08:53
by mtormo

Our target for the next Expansion will be next Month (late April) but this date is "not official" a lot of things can be happen. We're not adding a new kind of unit on this expansion and the reasons are:
1) Adding a new type of cards to be successful requires a lot of these cards added at the same time, reducing the amount of cards to other decks. (after both ships and structures, we believe that adding cards just as support like the structures are not the best way to add the new type of cards).
2) On this Expansion we want to focus on gameplay with the current decks by adding new "position" abilities.

We are looking on how to add a new type of cards (like we did with the ships/submarines) but with a small scale (like structures), when we find the correct "balance" we'll add a new type of card.


Re: New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2019, 09:04
by Assassin
Thanks for info.

To be clear...i dont need a new type of card...
Subs worked great...structures not so not sure if good idea anyway...was just curious.

As idea for can consider abilities that affect all units (both players) as noborito was initially...also not "needed"...just an idea for new strategies

Re: New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2019, 09:28
by mtormo

There're some ideas for abilities that affect both players (ex: Russian Order "Fog" that affects all non-infantry units in game).


Re: New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2019, 15:50
by gusgus78

Many things I would like to share to be taken in mind if possible:

.- You talked time ago in other topic about new ability that would allow playing faction orders with 1AP less cost (or something like that). Is it still in your goals or it has been dismissed?

.- Fast numbers: quantity of available diamond units per faction/type (Im not counting structures types because I still thinking that -with little exceptions- there is no worth to invest resources in them). Maybe this helps you (tho its obvious that you have to know better than me) to see which types needs an eye as far as quantity of available diamond units is concerned: 

German Infantries: 11
German Tanks: 8
German Planes: 8
German Ships: 6
Russian Infantries: 8
Russian Tanks: 10
Russian Planes: 8
Russian Ships: 6
US Infantries: 10
US Tanks: 12
US Planes: 9
US Ships: 8
Japan Infantries: 8
Japan Tanks: 7
Japan Planes: 9
Japan Ships: 7
British Infantries: 7
British Tanks: 7
British Planes: 4
British Ships: 9

.- In terms of quality, I still thinking that these are the faction/types that requires a review:

British Tanks
British Planes
German Ships
US Tanks
Russian Infantries
Russian Tanks
Japan Infantry

.- A lot of abilities like: War Room, Deserter, Medical Research Care, Concentrated Fire, Incapacitated and many many others from Sealord Expansion looks like unuseful, highly obsolete or simply have no sense to play in comparison with others abilities, which makes nobody uses cards (me included) that have those abilities.

.- I think due to the increase of players in the game (at least what I can see in global chat) it is the great opportunity think about Auction House (many times talked about) or some other way that could allow old players to help new/average ones by giving card copies. In my case, I have tons of cards that I will never use, so it would be good if I could give them to other players, who could take advantage of them (in terms of growing/progress).

Again, this is an opinion of mine and doesnt represent the opinion, in any case, of other players.


Re: New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2019, 17:55
by Johnwayne
It represents my opinion Gusgus!

Re: New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2019, 17:59
by Assassin
gusgus78 wrote: US Tanks

CAREFUL...there is a player out there that managed to get most DIAMONDS for this deck...and WITH FULL DIAMONDS it becomes competitive...a key card is Diamond Pool (i think this is the name) which requires NINE LEGENDARIES to nobody has it (unless the mentioned player)

It may be true for some other decks...we will know only when someone invest in them...

Which leads to my issue...some TOP DECKS (i mean the IMPORTANT Diamond cards) are much easier to make on some factions...
It is relatively cheap to make a US Infantry or German Aircraft TOP DECK as they don't really require the Legendaries to be made into diamonds...
Conversely...Brit or Japanese Ships require much harder to get cards in order to make the decks (Diamond) KGV, Seafire, Shokaku, Yamamoto, etc...

Re: New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2019, 18:12
by Johnwayne
That is absolutely true Assassin

Re: New Expansion - Development Information

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2019, 09:19
by mtormo

This is an interesting discussion and something that we took a look at the start of our expansion development. Some factions are really powerful with some uncommon/rare cards "evolved" to diamonds while other decks are "just competitive" when they get a legendary card (in diamond rank).

This discussion brings the topic of Legendary Cards. In the beginning of the game, legendary cards were cards with multiple abilities (3 abilities at that time was a lot!). With the introduction of crafting, regular cards start to get more abilities and we tried to create more unique abilities for Legendary Cards.

We’re trying something similar here, we want that legendaries are the “icing of the cake” in the decks and not a “must” to play that faction, the abilities that they’ll bring require to be powerful, different but not mandatory (abilities that can shift the tides of the battle if used properly).

With this expansion we want to make competitive all decks, but facilitate the access to each individual type of deck. We're almost at 50 cards right now (creating/testing) and we have just introduced in our development cycle the American Infantry, American Ships and Russian Ships.

American Infantry

Most of the American Infantry units are useful and they have a plenty options out there, we’re adding two new cards (rangers!), for this expansion we need to keep the good work that we did in stronghold with this deck.

American Ships

This decks has some lack of cards, we’re adding a few more (currently 3) in the form of two ships and one epic submarine. While American ships are a good deck, need more cards (even in epic craft range) to be at the same level that other decks.

Russian Ships

Not the most used deck specially for newcomers but can be powerful with the right cards. Currently we added two new cards (one of them a legendary submarine!) and it looks pretty good at this moment.

Next week, I’ll try to post some screenshots of the new cards (even some of the abilities and stats will change!) so you can see some of the new cards.