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Good job on game...

PostPosted: 15 May 2014, 15:26
by sleonardo
Hi everyone, Just want to say you have a great game here. I have already played many hours in the past several days. Bought a lot boosters through the shop as well. That's my way of supporting the game. I was unaware of your kickstarter last year. The game is enjoyable. Love the historical aspect. Repeatablity is great. Depth is great too.

Some things to consider and look at for the future.

1. Need for marketing to get more players so we can PvP 24 hours a day.
2. Cost of boosters are on the higher side compared to other TCGs... No complaints personally. Just saying because it could be a road block for some. Guess how much it will cost to get a full faction deck of 30 cards together? I foresee PvP will have some imbalance later bec some will have a full faction deck with all high end cards compared to others.

Thanks for the game!
Steve, from Sacramento, California

Re: Good job on game...

PostPosted: 15 May 2014, 19:08
by Valsolo
Agree with all Steve's points. Would also add that the price of the packs has influence on why ppl play pcp. Of its "too" expensive, ppl play more in order to win gold to buy packs, than for the fun of the game. I've noticed that ppl quit a challenge when they notice that they are about to play against a "high ranked" player. It's a pity.

So a little lower price would probably also generate more pvp games.

All this is just my humble opinion. Looking forward to the new upcoming levels :)

Thx again for creating the game!

Re: Good job on game...

PostPosted: 19 May 2014, 14:02
by nAFAI
Thanks a lot guys,

It really encourage us to keep on the hard work after reading your comments, it hasn't been the ideal of the Game Launches as we have faced quite a good number of important bugs but step by step the game is turning very stable and is getting ready for the Marketing investment. I can't yet still say when that will be but our idea is still by the last week of this month or the first of June, depending on how the final stability adjustments work.

As for the prices of the Boost Packs, is something we are keeping in mind and are continuing analyzing. Is without a doubt the trickiest part to adjust as you can never satisfy all the different type of users but we definetly will try to offer new things for the non-payer users.


Re: Good job on game...

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2014, 14:11
by ilya
Not very good review:
And this is sad, this game deserve better.

Re: Good job on game...

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2014, 05:15
by JordanBei
ilya wrote:Not very good review:
And this is sad, this game deserve better.

I would have given a slightly higher rating but the review does point out some issues like not being able to find a mulitplayer oppoment and on certain missions you need to destroy certain units but your oppoment rarely plays them.
This game is still new so I would consider it normal to have a few issues and this is the only review I found so far but the marketing campaign will hopefully solve the problem of finding a mulitplayer oppoment and bring in more reviews