Platoon rebuild

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Platoon rebuild

Postby Danyperconte » 03 Jul 2018, 16:01

I have some suggestions about a new "jerarchy" on platoons:
We have 3 types of games:pvp,raid and mission
Actually we can promote members to veteran and officials,without more funny entertaiment.
Im thinking about this and i see a "new game" build your platoon with other jerarchy.
Would be funny you have 3 type of officials,like special operations officer for your missions specialist with any type of bonus like better probabilities ot getting best cards (can be other you think)
Other member could be your "right hand" with other bonus.
And rest...veterans or simple members but with a major subofficial.
Platoons can be done by 16 players too.

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Re: Platoon rebuild

Postby gusgus78 » 03 Jul 2018, 17:32


I agree... it would very very nice that platoon jerarchy would have a real impact on game... its a nice wasted feature that should be exploted... not sure if easy to implement.

About platoon size i agree too... 15 members seems like too few; we could help more novice players with some more players instead they remains in unactive platoons or even outside one.

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Re: Platoon rebuild

Postby mtormo » 04 Jul 2018, 07:44


Thanks for your suggestions, for now we don't have plans to add any new features related to Platoons (adding new ranks with special bonus can be a problem where all players are not treated equally). The platoon has room of improvement an always any feedback is appreciate.

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