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Re: MacArthur change

Postby Assassin » 16 Jul 2018, 22:54

Again...and in all simplicity...the annoyance effect of the new MacArthur is much bigger than the actual play effect...if you play you get it. As players here saw...

I don't lose vs MacArthur a lot...and those I lose I would probably lose with the previous Mac...but effect is not interesting...

In real games, Mac is played in a way you really can't play anything...and this annoys players more than you think. Which also makes players mad at those that use MacArthur...
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Re: MacArthur change

Postby Johnwayne » 17 Jul 2018, 13:09

I agree the diamond MacArthur is op. I’d like to add some other diamond version cards to the list of op cards in my opinion.

Plastic explosives
Norb lab
Food rations
Dmitry laurinenko
Supermarine seafire
Ron unit
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Re: MacArthur change

Postby Aine » 19 Jul 2018, 06:32

Also, you should change it asap. before more players acquire it. Then it will be even worse, as the nerf will piss the new owners, and in the meanwhile, it will piss their opponents in the game.
Really, I'm at a loss why this card even exists. With 25 years of TCG history, I'd guess that nobody could develop new Yawgmoth's Ancestral Time Walk Of Balance, but yeah...
But really, it is not fun at all to play those two broken raids. It is a punishment and I have no f...n idea what I am being punished for.

So was the idea to make Berlin bad enough to get us to quit complaining about the unfixed brit raid?
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Re: MacArthur change

Postby Truckeye » 25 Jul 2018, 02:12

I have regular Mac. Never seems to work how I think it should. Does it work vs Raids? or only PvP?
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Re: MacArthur change

Postby mtormo » 25 Jul 2018, 07:47


We're working on McArthur's card right now (due to the issues that the card has, not just balance).

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