Wording matters / cross fraction decks

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Wording matters / cross fraction decks

Postby Trampon » 29 Dec 2017, 01:39

Two itemst here:

1) Wording should be more precise.

Consider 2 Epic Elite cards with German Redemtion ability:

- ME 262. This plane (or this card) has the ability "German Redemption I" which says "On promote, gives +3/+3 to all your German units". All fine here, ability works exactly as described - it supports German units only.

- Blohm & Voss BV 222. It also has the ability "German Redemption I" - so the same as above (an ability icon is different, but ability title is the same). But here it says "On promote , gives +1/+1 to all your units per each German unit you control".

Check the bold part. According to the description - this ability should give support to ALL units (not only germans). The value of the bonus depends on the number of german units you control - fine. But whatever the value of the bonus is - it should be applied to all units, at least according to the wording.

Correct wording is crucial in card games. And what we have here is (a) ability with the same name works differently and (b) BV222 card works not in line with its wording.

2) Cross fraction (mono unit) decks not efficient
I always was and I am still a supporter of mono fraction decks. But I would also like to have an opportunity to construct and play a mono unit deck with no attention to fraction. Say - all Armored deck with Armor cards belonging to various fractions. Or all ship decks. The case is however that such decks are less, much less efficient then fraction-oriented decks. This is because there are just a few cards that would make a good combo in mono unit decks. One of the few is "Naval Aviation" - it promotes all your aircraft and/or all ships. At least according to the description :) as I do not have it to test.Vast majority of cards works better for pure fraction decks. Yes, of course there are some cards which fits in any deck, fraction or not (NOSB, Meteor for spying, M2 Browning just for example) but these cards do not make any combo, they are just good on their own.

I am missing here cards like examples below:

- an order which give all Infantry units a selected ability (say - anti - aircraft or blitz)
- a unit which promotes say 3 units of the same type (3 planes, 3 ships) regardless of fracion

Anything that would encourage ppl for more experimental decks (maybe harder to build then fraction-based, but more fun to play) would be nice
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