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Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2018, 23:48
by jcwill23

Fallschirm Division HG (spelling corrected)

I didn't know if others would make the connection. Goering's last name is in the description.

On a barely related note, my first use of a Fallschirm was in Germany in a little town called Stadtlohn. That was fun.


Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2018, 09:18
by mtormo

Thanks for finding the typo, we'll change it on the next update.


Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2018, 11:20
by Assassin
jcwill23 wrote:I didn't know if others would make the connection. Goering's last name is in the description. is a ww2 some ww2 trivia knowledge is expected... :D

Anyhow...if you look into the unit suggestion topic i am pretty sure you will find stuff you didnt know...some ww2 experts around... :lol:

Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2018, 06:22
by hu_rudel
Assassin wrote:
hu_rudel wrote:Thx for your answer John, i will try to improve my deck with the changes you mentioned. Texas's ships are not the problem , the medal more because i own none. It's hard to throw things out but the elite oklahoma find its way in.
I will test few days if i can improve my raid damage.

Thanks again for your effort.

Didnt see this post before...but a quick opinion...

US ships are an expensive deck to need lots of sealord cards...and they are also more expensive to upgrade...

As a possible complement...US aircraft and tanks make a good raid deck...
As a possible alternative...German Infantry/Planes/Tanks make a good raid deck (although you should use only 2 type of units)...and a very reasonable pvp deck
As a last resort...Russian planes are the cheapest way to get a good PVP deck (if this is what you are after)...but i would NOT recommend this because they are not so good in raids AND will eventually be adjusted on next update...

Key units FOR RAIDS...crafted cards all of them...

M36 jackson
P51 Mustang

Herman Goering

I would see what you have from the list above...and choose the deck based on what you have MORE. You can add US ships to an US deck...but much better to have only TWO type of units...i used US Aircraft and Tanks in raids with excellent results for a long time...calliope, m3 and m36 are reasonably cheap to make crafted...

Free equip of each faction
Artillery type equipment
Brutality or Blitz equipment

Anything that improve attack...banzai or heoric speech
The blitz order, particullary for germans

My view...RAIDS should be the priority...with raid results you improve cards...with pvp wins you improve...nothing ;)

Greetings. Thank you too for your advices. I will see what i have but sadly i think i will deinstall this game. No movement seen in years for me as a new player without paying lots of money. Also after i see over weeks now how top players abuse other / low rating players, behave like apes in the old world and insult players in foreign languages (mostly kyrill) ...... i was shocked and this is not my game than i want to play.

Thx for your effort again and have a great friday.
Kind Regards

Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 03 May 2018, 13:49
by Assassin
hu_rudel wrote:Greetings. Thank you too for your advices. I will see what i have but sadly i think i will deinstall this game.

Hello HR. We met a couple times in PVP (at least i think it was you) today, so i assume you still in game and I opted to message here...what i have to say is valid for several players...

Matchmaker is not perfect...and will match players with very different decks...and games wont be FAIR. That said...LOTS OF GOOD STUFF in game...and i assume players do get SOME opponents at their least i do...most players i get ARE at AT MY LEVEL (in the sense i can win or lose vs them)...but i do get some below (in the sense they have little chance) and a couple above (ok...i am closer to the top).

IT IS POSSIBLE to progress FOR FREE. I played for FREE for YEARS and actually only bought one card that i now rarely use...and several players in game play for free. I think in a few MONTHS you can have a very competitive deck if you play regularly...
Some tips ON THIS:
- Initially improve only ONE FACTION so you maximize the effort
- Join a "good" platoon so you get raid rewards
- Learn how to win Missions. You dont need a deck for it and rewards can be good, particularly for a new player. Guadalcanal for instance gives good cards, not too hard...and you can even make a profit if you win enough...

As to players being rude in chat...i THINK there are worse games than is a rare occurrence (but it does happen) and perhaps you had a bad can always ignore chat if you want...

I like the game and actually think it is a good one in terms of investment/return ratios...but as all "free" have to invest either money or time...

And i was smashed for lots of weeks before i got i good deck...i still am smashed by some in particular i have less than 5% win dont lose motivation...i used those games to help me decide what cards i needed...

Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 05 Jun 2018, 00:52
by shep
HellsHarbingers is always looking for new members. We have some people who are really knowledgeable in the game and do not mind helping new players out with advice and good leadership. Feel free to apply to us and, if you don't mind - use this referral code: JIXJA29J - we both get an in game reward!).

All the best,


Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2019, 16:41
by Lovesalooser
Invest a million dollar and you will certainly win every mission and every PvP.

Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2019, 10:51
by Stone
Hi there Pieterr,

It has been asked a couple of times already in the Steam's official forums if we have some player-created guides about the game. We automatically thought about this excellent thread on our forums and we were wondering if you'd like to post your guide there (

We believe it would be so helpful for the new players starting the game on Steam.

Please do let us know what do you think about it!


Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2019, 21:15
by Pieterr
Hello Christian,

Just a few minutes ago I've posted the guide on steam.
However (for now?) my post should be only available to me, my friends ons steam and administrators?

I don't know how to bypass that?


Re: New Player Help

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2019, 21:41
by Stone
Hi Pieterr,

First of all, big THANKS! Really appreciate you did that, now regarding the issue, you are right, we can't yet see any guides posted so there's something that you may have missed? I see there's a Steam official guide ( on how to post guides but not sure why it's not working, could you please post here the link of the guide you posted so I can check if there's anything I can do about it?