Factions/Types Ranking (IMO)

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Factions/Types Ranking (IMO)

Postby gusgus78 » 16 Apr 2018, 17:22


After more than 4 years playing this jewel-game (I really really like it...), I would like to share some perceptions of mine about factions and types that I hope some players agree and, of course, can be taken in mind by Developers for next update(s). I will try to give some assessment from my point of view and will give from 1 to 5 stars (*) to each type to represent the quality of each one IMO:

German faction: Important/Unique abilities: Blitzkrieg & Well Equiped. Maybe the most complete of all faction. All types have free deploy and promoters units. One of those faction that everyone want to upgrade because always effective.
Infantry type: Excellent deck, units like AK and Ramcke make it a very good choice. Punctuation: *****
Armored type: As infantry, excellent deck. Diamond units make it a very powerfull and sudden-killer deck. Punctuation: *****
Plane type: Good deck but a bit slow even with new item (cant remember its name). Punctuation: ****
Ship type: Good deck but as Planes, its a bit slow. Combining with Armored can work. Punctuation: ****
Global inter-type Punctuation: 4,5

American faction: Important/Unique abilities: Flag Raising & Machine Gun. One of the most complete factions on game BUT very slow. Few units with Deploy ability are weak so you usually lose for missing speed. Simply you have no time to punch 1 or 2 hits with double damage before opponet kills you.
Infantry type: Good deck, units like Rangers (various of them) and 2 promoters cards make it usable. Punctuation: ****
Armored type: Average deck even with free deploy, promoters and +3/+5 abilites units. Much slow. Punctuation: ***
Plane type: Maybe the worst type of this faction. Only one promoter card and as other types too slow. NOT ENOUGH units to build an entire decent type deck. Punctuation: **
Ship type: Maybe the better type of faction but, with 1 exception, slow as well. Punctuation: ****
Global inter-type Punctuation: 3,25

British faction: Important/Unique abilities: Invincible & Expeditionary Force. One of the most fast-strong faction in game (depending of type you choice). The most inter-types combinable faction for sure.
Infantry type: Maybe the better and fast type of faction. NOT ENOUGH units to build an entire type deck so you have to combine it. Punctuation: *****
Armored type: Maybe the worst type of faction. Units so weak and slow. Only 2 exceptions. Punctuation: **
Plane type: Good type to combine with others. NOT ENOUGH units to build an entire type deck so you have to combine it forcely. Punctuation: ***
Ship type: Good type. Can work if units with Invincible ability survives first turns. Punctuation: ****
Global inter-type Punctuation: 3,5

Russian faction: Important/Unique abilities: Sniper, Shock Effect & Armor Penetration. The most air supremacy faction on game for sure. If you want to win with this faction play planes, else your wont.
Infantry type: Average type but no units with deploy ability make it too slow. Punctuation: ***
Armored type: Average type but units are so weak. Only 4 units with Deploy ability. Punctuation: ***
Plane type: The most strong-fast type of faction. You can put many of planes on battlefield on each turn. Punctuation: *****
Ship type: Good type but NOT ENOUGH units to build an entire decent type deck. Ron Unit maybe is one of the most versatile unit on entire game. Punctuation: ***
Global inter-type Punctuation: 3,5

Japan faction: Important/Unique abilities: Among Us & Surprise/Sudden Attack. Overpowered at all faction on game since Ships arrived.
Infantry type: Good type, can make massive damage to units on battlefield. A bit slow but works. Punctuation: ****
Armored type: The worst-weak type of faction -and maybe in entire game-. Units with deploy are so weak. Even with free deploy and promoters units its the type less played in game. Punctuation: **
Plane type: Good type by its own. Combined with Ships its totally out from this world. Punctuation: ****
Ship type: For sure the more unbalanced type inter-faction on game. Units that promotes -even each turn-, free deploys, takes extra AP (many of those abilities at same turn) and "the beast" Yamato. Definitely out range with respect to other types/faction. Punctuation: *******
Global inter-type Punctuation: 4,25

You can see there are weak types that nobody plays (or a few brave players dare to do it), good-most-played types, overpowered types and worst of all IMO: types that cant be played by its own without combine with others types because no enough units. This way I would like to recommend you (Devs) would put an eye on:

German faction: I think it is ok as it is right now. Maybe an AK Diamond wouldnt be bad (joking) :D

American faction: It would be really useful Landing Craft on Elite/Diamond versions: this card could give some speed to faction.
Armored type: A bit more of speed (again) it wouldnt be bad.
Planes type: It would be nice more units, another promoter and no bad at least 1 unit with deploy ability. David McCampbell Diamond wouldnt be bad as well.

British faction: I think its reasonably good faction except for some details (more units mainly).
Infantry type: Needs more units. Cant be played by its own.
Armored type: More units needed and attack/defense of some of them should be revised because too much weak.
Plane type: More units needed, specially a promoter and another +3/+5 enhacer. Cant be played by its own.

Russian faction: I think its reasonably good faction. Shock Effect should be improved (or revised).
Infantry type: A bit more of speed would be nice to take advantage of Sniper ability... as it is now it isnt useful.
Armored type: Maybe it would be good check attack/defense of some units... some of them seems like obsolete.
Plane type: Maybe it needs to be nerfed a bit. For example rollback 2AP to promote LA-7 as before update or no more than 2 free deploy planes inside faction.
Ship type: More units needed, specially a promoter one. Ron Unit have to be revised although its ok for me. ;)

Japan faction: After update (Ships) it has gone from being the worst faction to the highly the best-overpowered.
Armored type: It has to be revised entirely. Its really strange to see this facion-type on PvP.
Plane type: Its Ok always it isnt combined with Ships. If you do, you take a monster-deck.
Ship type: Special mention to this faction type. It has to be revised entirely IMO. Yamamoto shoudnt free deploy and promote EVERY TURN at same time (having planes that plays for free). I-400 shoudnt take an additional AP and free deploy with that awesome attack/defense. Shokaku unit is a demon... take in mind that when a unit has enhancer +3/+5 ability PLUS Deploy ability PLUS decrease defense of opponents it can be a really overpowered beast on battlefield... maybe decreasing its attack and/or defense.... dont know. Akatsuki promotes and deploys too.... with only 2AP you have a killer 1st turn combo with it and Shokaku... and if you take Yamamoto on same turn the match is finished before begins. In any case, Japan Ships are in another league... and if you combine them with Planes you will have an unbeatable deck... no matter what faction you play or how many Diamonds you have.

Aside this, i would like you check this topic: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1299&p=8395&hilit=intermediate#p8395 ... it would be really great IMO that Orders would have same rarity steps as others cards... and Ships would be targeted with mainly Orders as other types do...

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Re: Factions/Types Ranking (IMO)

Postby mtormo » 17 Apr 2018, 08:08


A really nice text with really useful information. Just to answer a small question of yours, we're doing a bit of changes in orders similar to intermediare craft cards.

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Re: Factions/Types Ranking (IMO)

Postby Assassin » 17 Apr 2018, 10:48

mtormo wrote:"... similar to intermediare craft cards."

Didnt quite get what this means...but looking forward to see it...

As to what Gus says...i dont 100% agree...but more than 90%...
Even with LOTS of games between the two of us we still see different details...which is good and means game is "rich" :D

Jap tanks can actually hold a bit...IF (and this is a big IF) supported by ships (and eventually infantry). As all "bad" factions it will go down to the luck of the draw...a good draw you will cause trouble to your opponent...(in this case this means O-I and a free deploy tank)...a bad draw and you are probably dead.
BUT...they can surely be improved...i think US air is worse...and perhaps even brit tanks...hard to gauge "bad" factions as they are not much used ;)

Brit Infantry is actually a good deck...usually with some air and/or ship support...tanks if you feel brave...but still a good option.

Good decks are more "immune" to bad draws...the Jap ship decks can survive lots of bad draws... ;)

Take special attention to decks NOT USED or those that CANT EVEN BE DONE...the "NOT ENOUGH" in gus posts. Game would benefit from cards in those areas...as an example...you can add "Hurricane" and "Typhoon" to brit air deck and make something workable...

The jap immortal ships deck is a MINORITY ISSUE...you have to play vs Thrax or 1944 to see it...so few do...not sure if visible in "global" stats. At lower level japs are not so much used or feared...but i am pretty sure lots players will last less than 3 turns vs one of these...
I suspect Brit ships will be also very strong if some player decides to Diamonize it...and of course...Russian air...

Anyhow...curious on "BALANCE" changes...no hint so far :D

BEAR IN MIND...i understand PERFECTLY that you cant easily nerf cards that players INVESTED IN (either money or time)...and prefer to enhance OTHERS to same effect...as this as an "economy" and "trust" issue attached...
But a couple units are plain "superhero" stuff...
(You nerfed Noborito, Bombe and V2 from "superhero" to "hard to use"...guess lots people werent happy...but was needed in my view...Diamond versions are at least rare...)
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