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American Deck

Postby Varnell » 13 Sep 2017, 20:54

After spending much time and resources trying to build decent US deck I've discovered American decks are quite underpowered compared to the other faction. Specifically the tanks and aircraft, infantry seem okay. I haven't bothered with ships, they don't look to promising and are more expensive.
So I was wondering is it just my back luck and does anyone else have problems with US cards?
What would be the ideal set up for an American deck?
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Re: American Deck

Postby Johnwayne » 14 Sep 2017, 13:02

Hi Varnell,

Bad luck I can relate to; however, I don't think American decks have to be underpowered. I use a mixed American deck against recommendations of sticking to one unit type for some of the same reasons you mentioned. The core of my deck is a pair of epic elite Enterprises and Arizona's. These combos can be devastating with the free unit plus promote with machine guns. I surround them with the best American units I can muster. Obviously there are not enough ships yet but I think that is the future of American decks.
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Re: American Deck

Postby Assassin » 14 Sep 2017, 14:12

American Infantry deck can fight with the best of them...if strong enough it can beat anything...but at that level luck will also be a factor.
I have been on both sides of American Infantry vs German or British decks...and US has a good fighting chance. Lateralus also uses a top class US Infantry deck with good results.
Bear in mind...if going vs REALLY TOP decks (like Alex, 44, micko, Chuck) anything other than a REALLY TOP deck will be in trouble...any faction.

American Ships are very strong also...but other than johnwayne i think few players have the cards to field them...two crafted enterprises are very hard to come by...

US Armor and Air are a bit underpowered by themselves...but are good on support of Infantry/Ships...i think Chuck has a very good deck with US armor...

Ideal setup will be infantry based...Rangers, 1st Inf Div, 2nd Marines...and the infantry with deploy that promotes infantry. Then add support equipment and orders as you wish...there is also another infantry that allows free play of infantry.
Of course...diamond versions will enhance power...US infantry improves a lot if diamond...

Good non-infantry units are M36, P51, Macampbell, Hells Angels...

Forgot one good point...US armor and planes are a VERY GOOD RAID was the reason i started them...
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