Strong Units / Bad Units

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Strong Units / Bad Units

Postby Beastmode » Sun May 06, 2018 1:24 am

Strong Units

Zealot(Rare): this unit is to strong !! 2ap for 10/10 unit - no alliance have so a strong unit
2x Zealot in first round and you win the battle while your enemy cant counter this two units

Throne(rare):0/15 gives 15 heals thats to much

Trade Prince(legendary): 10/16 cost 8ap with the order charge 5ap and confuse kill the most units on your site thats to much...

Bad Units:

Shadowbinder (legendary): so damm low unit 6ap and kill 1unit and he has 3/1 this unit is so useless for 6ap, the other effects arent rly usefull

slasher(crafted): cost 2ap 7/6 and i dont become a ap, no one use this card to comparison the bomber cost 2 ap and gives a ap and have 8/8

Dark Technology(epic): its a order cost 2ap for destroy all items on ONE unit, no ones use this card

Grim Queen(epic): 0/20 its a nice idea for a unit but he cant defense him self and 10damage is to low (throne gives 15heals)

Empires codice(epic): cost to much ap the most units of solar, devoure and pirats cost 3-4ap to promote

Master Mind(legendary): 6/14 cost 4 ap cant attack and gives 2/2 to comparison the templar 10/10 cost 4ap and 2 ap to promote, gives 1/1 and can attack

Fleet Admiral(legendary): 7/7 3ap 3 damage to all... why not the chance of 2 times this ability

Pillage(rare): cost 3ap its to much for captures 1 unit

Photon Seeker Missle: cost 3ap makes on Tier3 10 damage on the enemy to comparison photon craftet makes on tier3 12 damage and cost 2ap
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Re: Strong Units / Bad Units

Postby Troggking » Mon May 07, 2018 5:42 pm

Too strong mercenery card make same decks.

Bomber ... Too strong stuts for 2cost Units. Noone use 2cost class units.(except zealot)
othr 2cost units don't have 8/8 over stuts.
Tank ... Too strong stuts for 4cost land Assaults Units. Noone use 4cost class land assaulter.
Warp Entity... Anyone use this unit.Because he is useful than hegemon's Perfect Armors. (or Perfect Armors is weak...) (risen has different role)
sacrifice... It make game of money/game of luck.
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Re: Strong Units / Bad Units

Postby Alduin » Mon May 07, 2018 8:46 pm

Good job beastmode :) in my opinion awakening should be retired for pvp, break any game, the combination of possible cards with the android class is very powerful does not need it card.
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Re: Strong Units / Bad Units

Postby Space5Cats » Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:27 am

Hive is massively Over Powered. Huge numbers, lowers ALL enemy cards at the end of the turn it is played and cheap to upgrade? It even Flys!!

At the very least? Make the -4/-4 at the start of the next turn, and 3 points to upgrade, maybe even 4.

If it shows up in a Mission? It's pretty much game over. Unless blind luck gives you a Kill card to take it out the very next turn. Even then? The -4/-4 has devastated your troops...

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