matching players on pvp desycing

matching players on pvp desycing

Postby Socket » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:53 am

today its the 15 time i have desyce from connection on pvp with a player.its not my wifi or internet connection.i get to see who i am playing then it disconnects before i play the match...after 3 disconnections .i then have to wait 5 mins . then it happens again i have to wait 20 mins before i can even try to play pvp again under no fault off my own.i am not the only player getting this .so please look into this...problem is the screen when you switch from sycing with the player to the screen to playing the player or bot.....we no if theres a problem with either player connection the battle will not happen, but having to wait a length off time before you can try again is really annonying and being banned from pvp for a length off time for a problem with your connecting to the server.this needs to be look at or being suspended when this happens has to be this will result in more players leaving the game ...

with thanks

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Re: matching players on pvp desycing

Postby Kramito » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:18 am


Thanks for the info Socket, I'll check why you got the pvp suspension when you shouldn't and the why there's this connection problem with the match.


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