Auction house BUG again, timer freezing and can't bid

Auction house BUG again, timer freezing and can't bid

Postby Foxgirl1337 » Wed May 22, 2019 7:57 pm

Hello !

I have already reported this issue many times but never on the actual forums, maybe if other people can join in, it would help get rid of this ongoing issue once and for all !

This problem ALWAYS happens beyond the first round of bidding and always when bidding against other players (bidwars)

You place a bid, it's accepted, the next round starts and BANG your timer is frozen at 1 second and you can't place bids anymore, even if you have plenty of tokens and gold to do it. The result: the other person always wins the auctions (if he bid) !

Every single time we have to report each incident to you, it must be getting annoying for you guys but we have no choice but in doing so. You guys are kind enough to refund the lost tokens and we get the gold back but we never get the card we're trying to bid on... It already takes LUCK to get cards you want in this game and you can't even trade so.. When such a problem occurs, the (faulty) auction in question should be automatically canceled and started over and/or every player involved in that bidwar (when the problem occurs) should have a copy of said card.

you guys are already aware of the issue and have probably already worked on it but It's still happening, frequently ! Either it's a serious ongoing bug or people are hacking the system (which would not at all surprise me since people are doing it in pvp unfortunately) (not going to name anyone) ! This issue needs to get fixed and fast, PLEASE ! I know you guys don't have a BIG team and you have a lot to do but this should be in the priorities ! There are people spending real money in this game and this BUG/hack problem is simply not acceptable! I don't want to seem (entitled) but it affects us all !

This problem just occurred to me about 20 minutes ago from the time this message is being written. I was bidding on an epic Kure, was in a bidwar with another player, going to round 5 and BANG. Timer jams at 1 second, I can't bid again.... Lost the auction for no reasons... Meanwhile the other player does not care, he gets what he wants and ............. It's simply NOT OK and NOT fair !

PLEASE fix this issue A.S.A.P, it's frustrating, discouraging and it really makes you lose interest in playing this game honestly !

If other people have had this issue, PLEASE report it as well, it needs to be dealt with !

I apologize if this is getting annoying but it's VERY annoying for us the players to have to live it constantly and be forced to lose auctions we could have won easily !

Thank you for your time and consideration !

Foxgirl1337 aka Avadakedavra

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Re: Auction house BUG again, timer freezing and can't bid

Postby Kramito » Thu May 23, 2019 7:01 am


We understand your frustration and I can assure you that we'll try our best to get rid of this problem in a future update. About this particular case I'll review it from the e-mail that you sent us to support so I can help you with.


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