can i get my old account back here in forum and in game

can i get my old account back here in forum and in game

Postby marky05 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:31 am

Marky05 here i am wondering if i can get my banned account back i have emailed you guys regarding this before using my email but still haven't gotten back any respond. 1. I apologize for using glitch free tourney that time reason for me being banned but it is unfair for me to be the one receiving the ultimate punishment when i wasn't THE FIRST TO USE IT AND MOST OF THE PLAYERS WHO GOT BANNED GOT THEIR ACCOUNTS BACK EXCEPT FOR ME. I find not getting the reward for topping tourney that time is a big punishment already to receive and the span of time i have endured before requesting it back i suffered BIG SPAN OF PROGRESS delay that much ALREADY. I wish i can open my main account back i believe i have paid my fault by serving the time on that account.

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