PVP 30minute penalty SHOULD BE DELETED

PVP 30minute penalty SHOULD BE DELETED

Postby walterwhite » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:45 am

dear admin,

I have three strong argument why u need to take out the pvp penalty if surrender. WHICH I THINK IS BAD ANS SILLY IDEA in first place.

well the freeze issue never go away, i think developer need to take out the penalty pvp surrender thing. Is kind of redundant and borderline not necessary. U see when game freeze during pvp is considered as surrender and therefore player get penalty. So is like error on error and thus player need to wait for which not their fault the game freeze and consider as surrender.

Please just take out the penalty, i mean is not wise thing to have in first place is a silly and annoying idea. Make player wait for 30minute. WHY DID U MAKE SURRENDER BUTTON THEN?
Is nothing wrong for player to surrender they already lost their pvp rank when surrender so i think that is enough.

PLEASE RECONSIDER TO TAKE OUT THE PENALTY.Plus my 3rd argument the pvp match up is also bad, u can end up fight the same player 3-10time in a row u can't surrender and have to lost to him/her 10 time in a row. WOW THAT IS "FUN" in ur book.

SO with three argument i think is fair enough u developer take out the penalty so people could at least be less annoy and stressful during PVP.

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