Vikin use within pvp

Vikin use within pvp

Postby Milhouse13 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:11 am

Hi all gym leaders and concerned players.
It's Milhouse13 - Leader of Needed a gym. I have heard some complaints about one of my players regarding his use of the glitched card vikin in pvp. These complaints have even come from within my gym. I would like to start a discussion here to clarify this issue. I have already spoken to another gym leader, and we both agree that although we don't like the use of this card, we also don't blame the individual player for using it to counteract other advantages, fair or otherwise, present in the game. There are 3 issues I would like to bring up. First, my player is not the only player in the game using this card. Second, although the devs have said they intend to fix this card, we are all aware of how long it took to fix the wichin glitch. Third, since players have spent resources to buy packs to receive cards, vikin included, is it not their right to use these cards - and the responsibility of admin to fix any game issues? I propose that players should make their feelings known to their leaders, and that gym leaders should publicly make their vote known here. When we have votes from all of the top 10 gyms I will act accordingly within my gym. I await people's opinion to help me decide on my vote.
Thanks, Milhouse13.

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Re: Vikin use within pvp

Postby Resst » Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:19 am


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Re: Vikin use within pvp

Postby Kramito » Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:33 am

Hey Guys,

Hopefully, if everything works fine, we'll do the update next week (not set in stone) and all the current issues such as Vikens, or Bluseal ability not working will be fixed.

Sorry for the trouble.

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Re: Vikin use within pvp

Postby Socket » Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:01 pm

Maybe millhouse u should ask lone ranger about using this was agreed that vikens was not used as its bugged and your one team are still using this as your a gym leader address your own gym before asking other gyms to follow.

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