Portals Expansion - Patch Notes

Portals Expansion - Patch Notes

Postby Kramito » Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:01 am

Hello Trainers,

We're glad to announce that the Portals Expansion is now available to play! Prepare your monsters for the battle and be the first to go through the portals to the new worlds.

New Content and Features
- New Expansion is here! Portals will be available to all Trainers.
- More than 70 NEW Monsters. Time to capture Surosama, Spory, Atheny and others.
- Two new Raids: Keeper’s Palace and Abyss Fortress.
- A new tournament is now available: Jungle Tournament.
- Two Portals to different worlds have been discovered. Choose a Portal and find a new World to explore (with new and exclusive rewards!). Each Portal has an exclusive Monster and can be improved by defeating the levels in Hard and Master Difficulties.
- New Maps have been added with 75 new Levels: Gateway Temple, Gaia World and the Abyss World.
- You now can ENHANCE your Mega Legendary Cards with Power Shards to increase their Attack and Health.
- The Life system has been completely removed. You no longer need lives to play! (If you purchased the Permanent Booster, don’t worry, we will add you a compensation gift in your loot box.
- New UI
- New Shop: Everything (Raid, Quests, Skins, Cards,…) is now placed in one place
- Packs and Eggs have been changed for Chests and Boxes.
- New Deck Builder filters and a new Fusion panel to facilitate the crafting process.
- Anew feature to increase the game’s speed is now available through the game settings.
- New music added!
- New quests available.
- All Maps are unlocked from the beginning.
- The Shop will now show special offers to the Trainers.
- You can now ignore the “action points left” message using the TIPS button option.
- New Art Loadings: Added 5 new loading screens into the game.
- PvP Surrender penalty: Surrendering repeatedly in PvP matches will temporarily prevent the player from queueing again.
- New Aspects have been added to the game. You can obtain them on the new Raids or at the end of the PvP or Tourney Season.

- Craft: We completely change how to fusion the Mega Legendary Cards. We drastically reduce the cost of Raid Coins but we increased the amount of needed Cards. You now use the Soul Shards to craft the Mega-legendary cards instead of using Summon.
- New tutorials
- The Daily Reward will automatically appear when you can claim it.
- The Map buttons have been changed. Tourneys and Raids are now on the top of the screen.
- The PvP and Tourney Seasons rewards have been updated. The reward for the first position is now a chest with Craft Materials to create Mega Legendary Cards.
- The dungeon rewards have been adjusted with the new Chest/Box changes.
- Quests and Raid Tickets are now resetting at the end of the day (GMT+1).

- Multiple Abilities and Cards have been changed such as Deep Sea.
- The difficulty has been reduced in several Levels.
- The Raids have been updated to the Portals Expansion and Fusion feature.

Bug Fixes
- Several issues fixed in the Auction House
- Fixed an issue on how the Raid damage was being read to give the rewards at the end of the week.
- Several issues related to Card abilities have been fixed.
- Several texts and craft options from Cards have been fixed.
- You now can claim progress rewards in different order (not from lowest to highest).
- Several gameplay issues have been fixed.

- Fixed a bug where Epic Cards didn’t have a price limit in the Auction House.
- Fixed an issue with Blushi’s ability.
- Added tooltips to the Deckbuilder filters.
- Fixed an issue with Cupio’s ability (Legendary).
- Fixed an issue on PvP where monsters could share the same spot.
- Fixed a visual issue on the Gym panel.
- Fixed an issue while opening a Chest.
- Balance:
o Sandophorus (Mega-Legendary) ability changed. Besides giving shield to all your Earth monsters also reduce their attack by 2.
o Crabby first evolution now only shields itself when evolved.

Developer Comments:

@About Mass Unblockable abilities (Sizar and Seally): It was a tough decision but we wanted to do this change for a long time. Since the Mega Legendary cards appeared both cards were mandatory on all type of Decks (it doesn't matter what element you played). They were too powerful and almost impossible to counter.

@About Mega Legendary Craft Cost: We did this change for several reasons:
(1) We wanted to reduce the cost of Raid Coins. Raid Coins are huge barrier for new players, obtaining 10.000 was really difficult during the first months of play.
(2) The limit of Mega Legendary Cards that you did in the past was linked to the raids and no other factor (you usually have the cards/gold but never the raid coins).
(3) If you had a Legendary Card and you open a chest and get the same legendary was a "bad" experience (because you can't use it), your only option was to sell it on the Auction House. Now you have use for them even if you get the same legendary twice.
(4) With the new enhance system Veteran players can use the "spare" raid coins that they'll have now to improve their Mega Legendary cards.
(5) We'll have now TWO Raids at the same time (This will help both veteran players and new players).

@Earth Hotfixes Balance: We took this decision because with the new changes to mass unblockable, Earth Decks (specially Crabby that you can play two cards of them) have an small advantage compared to the other elements. We'll keep an eye not only to this element but all the elements and we'll keep balancing the game with the new changes.

Hope you enjoy this Expansion!

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Re: Portals Expansion - Patch Notes

Postby slikfinga_bw » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:30 pm


Congrats to you and the rest of FrozenShard on the expansion. Given that bugs are expected with any update/patch, everything looks nicer and the new features/monsters will definitely add some needed excitement and autonomy. With that said, Can you please explain what the motivation was for nerfing Mega Sizar and Mega Seally? One of the strategies for defeating the OP Earth decks was dependent on having Mega Sizar and Mega Seally be able to dive with the rest of the monsters on your board. I know that Crabbie has been nerf'd a bit, but that still does not compensate for the OP Earth decks that are able to carry 2 Drilly, 2 Crabbie, Mega Sando and Mega Shukat. In addition, there are more Earth cards now that can eliminate an entire board, while being shelled. The only way for non-Earth decks to have a chance is to use a Mega Ablazord but that is still just one card versus 6+ OP Earth cards. In my opinion, if the change to Mega Sizar and Mega Seally is here to stay, you will need to nerf Earth further. Maybe only allow one Crabbie and/or one Drilly per deck or remove Mega Sandos ability.

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Re: Portals Expansion - Patch Notes

Postby Kramito » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:12 am

Hello Trainers,

First of all, thanks everyone for all the feedback received on forums/chats/kong/facebook/... we do this game for you and your opinion is really valuable for us. After several discussions with all the information and opinions that we received from you we decided the following changes:

Mega Legendary Craft
We will reduce the amount of Legendary Cards from 3 to 2.

We heard your feedback about the difficulty of obtaining 3 copies of the same card, so we changed back to 2. With the reduced amount of raid coins will be easier to create Megas for new players and veteran players.

Selling Cards
We will increase the amount of gold of selling cards (recycle). Fusion Cards will give extra gold compared to a non-fusion version with the same rarity and the most important change.
Mega-Legendary Cards will also give Raid Coins.

While selling cards in the Auction House is the best way to gain gold, sometimes you have too many cards to spare, so you will be able to gain back more gold now if you use recycle.
About Mega-Legendary Cards, they're expensive to create and we want to give the option that if you are not happy with your current Megas (or you want to play another element/style deck) you will be able to sell and get back a good amount of Gold/Raid Coins.

This changes will take place later today.


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